The best Easter eggs 2024: 38 must-try chocolatey creations

On the hunt for the best Easter eggs 2024 has to offer? We've rounded up our favourite milk, white and dark chocolate options, plus vegan varieties too.

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The best Easter eggs 2024: 38 must-try chocolatey creations

Looking for this year's best Easter eggs? You've come to the right place. If you have someone in your life that says Easter eggs are ‘just for kids’, we recommend cutting them out immediately. While it is true that the Easter Bunny rudely only chooses to visit the younger half of the population, grown-ups can still get their chocolate fix by snapping up an Easter egg for themselves.

No matter how old we get, there’s something about the joy of a chocolate Easter egg that fills us with glee. Whether it’s unwrapping the foil coating or discovering the hidden treats inside, our love for Easter eggs is as strong as when we were five years old.

In the last few years though, Easter eggs have taken on a bit of a life of their own, as shops and online retailers race to see who can come up with the most Instagram-friendly or unique offerings. If you are looking to go all out for Easter this year, there are plenty of options that should tickle your fancy with everything from simple eggs to extravagant easter hampers. 


There are still plenty of options for the traditionalists too though, as well as people who never really grew out of their Milkybar and Cadbury’s phase (and there’s nothing wrong with that!). To help you decide which of the best Easter eggs to choose this year, we’ve rounded up the best options that we could find for 2024, covering a range of styles and budgets.  

We’ve even tried a few ourselves (all in the name of journalism, of course) so look out for our tasting notes on some of the eggs to see our expert opinion. Now, all that’s left to do is for you to nab yourself an egg or two, or three or four…


Luxury Easter eggs

When it comes to chocolate, we’re of the opinion that there is no such thing as too much. If a luxury Easter egg is the only option for you this year, check out our pick of over-the-top chocolate creations below.

Birley Bakery Golden Crunch Egg

golden crunch Easter egg

What: Chef Vicent Zanardi and the team at Birley Bakery have gone the extra mile for this year's Easter collection! A giant bunny and chocolate hen are all on the cards for 2024 but our favourite offering is this luxurious golden crunch egg. This milk chocolate shell comes covered in roasted Piedmontese hazelnuts, perched atop a chocolate bar (so there's plenty to snack on even once the egg is finished!)
How much: £85
Buy now: Birley Bakery Golden Crunch Egg

Charbonnel et Walker Milk Chocolate Egg

milk chocolate egg with mini chocolates and truffles

What: If you're looking for the creme de la creme Easter Egg this year then you can't go wrong with Charbonnel. This handcrafted milk chocolate egg comes topped with a selection of elegantly designed milk chocolates and truffles, in classic Charbonnel style.
How much: £38
Buy now: Charbonnel et Walker Milk Chocolate Egg

Rosewood Almond Blossom Easter Egg

blue easter egg with chocolate branches and flowers attached

What: A Van Gogh inspired Easter egg wasn’t something we were expecting for 2024 but Rosewood London has pulled out all the stops with this artistic delight inspired by the artist's Almond Blossom Painting. This one comes with a milk chocolate shell decorated with chocolate branches, sugar blossom flowers and salted caramel truffles. A unique Easter treat that anyone would be very happy to receive.
How much: £55
Buy now: Rosewood Almond Blossom Easter Egg

Fortnum & Mason Hand-Painted Bunny Easter Egg

hand painted bunny egg from Fortnum & Mason

What: Returning for another year, Fortnum & Mason continues to take things to another level. An egg so beautiful that it seems a shame to eat it. This chunky 500 gram egg has been beautifully hand-painted with all-natural cocoa butter paints and features a bunny on the front. The egg itself is rather good too, made with 45% Colombian milk chocolate, with a layer of creamy white chocolate on the inside.
How much: £100
Buy now: Fortnum & Mason Bunny Egg

Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Tipsy Truffles Easter Egg

tipsy truffles chocolate egg from Hotel Chocolat

What: You can always rely on Hotel Chocolate to dole out indulgent creations for Easter, and it doesn’t get much more indulgent than a thick chocolate egg filled with a selection of truffles based on all your favourite alcoholic drinks such as the caramel Espresso Martini and Mojito options. Plus, the egg is split in two, meaning you can enjoy one half made of 40% milk chocolate and the other made of 70% dark chocolate if you're wanting a bit of everything this Easter.
How much: £29.45
Buy now: Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Tipsy Truffles Easter Egg

Eataly Hazelnut and Cocoa Cream Egg

eataly's range of easter eggs

What: Already known as a seemingly endless emporium of quality Italian produce, Eataly has announced its first ever Easter range offering a whole host of delicious chocolatey eggs. There are several to choose from but the hazelnut one has caught our attention, combining a hazelnut and cocoa cream filling with crunchy layers of milk chocolate and studded with chopped hazelnuts - yum!
How much: £34.90
Buy now: Eataly Hazelnut and Cocoa Cream Egg

Pierre Marcolini Easter Eggs

pierre marcolini milk chocolate egg (left), box of mini eggs (right)

What: Spoil the chocolate-lover in your life with this year's majestic offering from chocolatier Pierre Marcolini. A beautiful milk chocolate egg shell combined with an explosion of dried fruits, toasted hazelnuts, pistachios and pieces of nougat. But that's not all, inside you'll find a selection of little praline eggs in a variety of flavours! If you can't get enough of the little eggy treats, then why not just buy a whole box? Available in shortbread, brownie or speculoos flavourings, surrounded by a crunchy and colourful shell. 
How much: £57 (500g egg); £39 (30 small Easter eggs)
Available now: Instore at the Marylebone boutique

Milk chocolate Easter eggs

Traditionally, milk chocolate Easter eggs are what most people enjoy on Easter Sunday. Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with tradition, so check out our pick of milk chocolate eggs below and snap them up before they’re all gone.

Chococo Milk Chocolate Ocean Egg

chococo ocean egg milk chocolate

What: We love Chococo’s handmade chocolates, and the Dorset chocolatiers really outdo themselves at Easter with a huge range of great eggs. This milk chocolate number is made from their signature 47% Colombian milk chocolate, and comes studded with chocolate turtles and starfish for an added novelty.
How much: £15
Buy now: Chococo Milk Chocolate Ocean Egg

Fortnum & Mason Easter Praline Scotch Egg

Fortnum & Mason praline scotch egg

What: Another eye-catching offering from Fortnum & Mason, this praline scotch egg is a delightful twist on the classic Easter eggs. It may be small but it's mighty, packed full of milk chocolate praline with an orange ganache centre and a hazelnut and cocoa nib coating. Be sure to slice this one in half for the full effect. 
How much: £19.50
Buy now: Easter Praline Scotch Egg

Waitrose Cracking Pistachio Easter Egg

Waitrose cracking pistachio easter eggs

What: Pistachio is really having its moment and we can't say we're mad about it. Waitrose has really run with this theme and created a pistachio flavoured egg housed inside a blonde chocolate shell - which essentially means you're getting two eggs for the price of one!
How much: £14
Buy now: Waitrose Cracking Pistachio Easter Egg

RS No.9 Rolling Stones Easter Egg

collection of dark, white and milk chocolate rolling stones Easter eggs

What: Finally, an Easter egg for the music lover in your life. RS No.9 has launched this limited edition Easter egg collection complete with the signature red Rolling Stones logo and then dotted with gold leaf and drizzled in extra chocolate. But be quick! With only 100 eggs available to buy this is one that you don’t want to miss. 
How much: £18
Available now: Exclusively available in the RS No.9 store on Carnaby Street

Martin's Chocolatier Popping Candy Easter Egg

popping candy Easter egg with chocolates and mallet

What: What's not to love about this popping candy egg from Martin's Chocolatier? It's got an extra thick milk chocolate shell and is packed full of chocolate pearls, honeycomb and popping candy all enclosed in a white chocolate halo. The addition of a wooden mallet in a box just adds to the fun as you smash open your egg and tuck straight into all that chocolatey goodness. 
How much: £17.75
Buy now: Popping Candy Easter Egg

Harvey Nichols Pretzel Pieces Easter Egg

What: This own label egg from Harvey Nichols is a real decadent treat. Combining eye-catching and stylish packaging with a delightful taste, this year you'll find a milk chocolate shell with added pretzel and caramel pieces. If you tend to lean more towards savoury snacks then this could be a great choice, combining the sweet with the salty. Plus, there's the added bonus of six salted caramel truffles! 
How much: £29.50
Available now: Harvey Nichols Pretzel Pieces Egg

Cantinetta Antinori Easter Egg

technicolour egg from Cantinetta Antinori

What: If you're on the hunt for some authentic Italian chocolate, then you're in luck. Knightsbridge-based Italian restaurant Cantinetta Antinori has launched this technicoloured egg and we can't get enough. This one is made in house, using a blend of Italian chocolates, and then hand decorated by the expert team. 
How much: £18
Available now: Exclusively available in store 

Love Cocoa Chocolate Easter Egg

love cocoa easter egg

What: Any company led by a member of the Cadbury family is bound to be a pretty safe bet as far as chocolate is concerned. Love Cocoa's indulgent Easter egg features an extra thick milk chocolate shell that has been packed full of mini caramel eggs and wrapped in a delicate bow. Plus, this one's eco-friendly too, boasting a collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects to replant thousands of trees! 
How much: £30
Buy now: Love Cocoa Easter Egg

White chocolate Easter eggs

It might not be the most sophisticated kind of chocolate out there, but we’re not afraid to admit that we love white chocolate. It seems we’re not alone, as white chocolate is always popular around Easter. Check out a few of our favourites below.

Laderach Almond Blonde Easter Egg

almond easter eggs from Laderach

What: Another beloved Swiss chocolatier, Laderach is best known for slabs of nutty FrischSchoggi, which is also available in bunny shapes this Easter. But, if you're keeping things a bit more classic, then why not try one of these almond Easter eggs? The blonde Easter egg is half chocolate, half almond praline paste and features caramelised almond pieces for an additional crunch.
How much: £22
Buy now: Laderach Almond Blonde Easter Egg

Selfridge's Blonde Malt Ball Egg

blonde selfridge's malt ball egg

What: Department store extraordinaire Selfridge's is joining the ranks as one to watch for chocolatey Easter treats. For those who always reach for a box of Maltesers, this one could be right up your street, made with a blonde chocolate shell and studded with biscuit and caramelised white chocolate malt balls. 
How much: £22.99
Buy now: Selfridge's Blonde Malt Ball Egg

Dark chocolate Easter eggs

For those with grown-up palates, dark chocolate Easter eggs are surely the only way to go. We’ve rounded up some of the best options available in 2024, so check them out below and get ready to indulge in some seriously good choc.

Charbonnel et Walker Dark Chocolate Egg

charbonnel et walker dark chocolate egg

What: A long-time favourite of the Royal Family, Charbonnel et Walker is the chocolatier we turn to for peak opulence. This dark chocolate egg does the job nicely, coming with a crown of fine dark chocolate and silky truffles.
How much: £38
Buy now: Charbonnel et Walker Dark Chocolate Egg

Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Serious Dark Fix Easter Egg

hotel chocolat dark easter egg

What: A dark chocolate lover's dream, this seriously decadent egg is made from half 70% cocoa and half 85% cocoa, and comes filled with high-cacao pralines, caramels, simple truffles and plenty of other chocolatey treats.
How much:
Buy now: Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Serious Dark Fix Easter Egg

Daylesford Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Easter Egg

Daylesford Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Easter Egg

What: Daylesford Organic’s gorgeous golden egg is made from rare Trinitario cacao, and features a dark chocolate shell with added Italian hazelnut pieces that are just an added bonus to this already decadent praline chocolate egg. 
How much: £22
Buy now: Daylesford Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Easter Egg

Cheapest Easter eggs

It might not be the luxurious options above but we’re not afraid to admit that sometimes we want to keep things cheap and cheerful. Just something that will keep the kids happy on Easter morning. Check out a few of our favourites below. 

Cadbury’s Mini Eggs Chocolate Egg

Cadbury's mini eggs easter egg

What: It's nothing fancy but it's sure to do the job. Cadbury's is always one you can rely on and their Mini Eggs option is sure to go down a hit. This one comes with a large milk chocolate egg and a small bag of Mini Eggs to snack on once you've polished off the egg. For some of the best Easter egg offers, be sure to check out Ocado's 2 for £5 deal!
How much: £3
Buy now: Cadbury’s Mini Eggs Easter Egg

Thorntons Classic Chocolate Egg

Thorntons classic chocolate easter egg

What: A classic egg from a beloved British chocolatier, Thornton's are ever-reliable for cute Easter gifts and good chocolate into the bargain. This Easter egg makes a great little gift and it's not going to break the bank either. Filled with a selection of toffee, fudge and caramel chocolates, you can't go wrong with this one! 
How much: £5.50
Buy now: Thorntons Classic Easter Egg

Lindt Salted Caramel Chocolate Egg

lindt salted caramel bunny egg

What: If you're torn between myriad chocolatiers and new-age brands, remember - you can't go wrong with Lindt. The Swiss chocolatier's Gold Bunnies are bordering on iconic these days, and this year's special edition comes in a delicious salted caramel option, as well as with a classic milk chocolate egg. 
How much: £10
Buy now: Lindt Salted Caramel Egg and Bunny

Lily O'Brien's Desserts Collection Egg

Desserts collection easter egg from Lily O'Brien

What: If you're more likely to reach for a box of chocolates than an Easter egg, then Lily O'Brien's Desserts Collection egg is the best of both worlds. This handcrafted milk chocolate shell has been made to specially compliment the boxed chocolates, and even comes with a small selection of its own. Expect the likes of creme brulee, lemon posset and hazelnut torte flavours to go alongside your egg. 
How much: £10
Buy now: Lily O'Brien's Desserts Collection Egg

Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate Eggs

tony chocolonely's easter eggs

What: A real crowd favourite, you can’t go wrong with a Tony’s Chocolonely egg. This year these eggs are available at Whole Foods Market, with locations all across London, so be sure to stop in and pick one up if you’re nearby. This belgian milk chocolate egg comes with five different flavoured mini eggs including caramel sea salt and white chocolate raspberry popping candy.
How much: £12.99
Available now: Available at Whole Foods Markets across London

Lindt LINDOR Blood Orange Easter Egg

lindt blood orange egg with truffles

What: It’s that smooth, delicious Lindt chocolate you know and love, but with a blood orange twist. This tasty LINDOR variant has returned for 2024 and comes with a bunch of those absolutely sensational truffles inside - Easter isn’t complete without a few Lindt truffles is it?
How much: £11
Buy now: Lindt LINDOR Blood Orange Easter Egg

M&S Easter eggs 2024

Check out this year's ever-popular M&S Easter egg range - we've listed the new additions for 2024 below, with some favourites back by popular demand as well!

M&S Collections Easter Egg Range

M&S luxury easter eggs

What: The latest Easter range from M&S Collections, you’ll be spoiled for choice with these luxurious eggs. This year, they’re offering two uniquely shaped eggs, one dark chocolate with pink Himalayan salt and chocolate ganache truffles, the other milk chocolate with champagne truffles. Or you can choose the more traditional golden blonde or the pistachio and hazelnut eggs. 
How much: £12 each
Buy now: Dark Chocolate EggChocolate Nutty EggGolden Blonde Chocolate EggChocolate Champagne Egg

M&S Egg-spresso Martini Egg

coffee and caramel egg-spresso martini easter egg

What: If you’re looking for something a bit different for Easter then M&S have you covered! This one comes with a caramel and coffee flavoured egg alongside a can of the Marksologist Salted Caramel Espresso Martini Cocktail - the perfect pairing.
How much: £10
Buy now: Egg-spresso Martini Easter Egg

M&S Easter Chocolate Animals

M&S shaped chocolate animals

What: M&S loves a shaped chocolate animal, and has a couple of new friends for you to meet as well as returning favourites in the form of Flossy the Highland Cow, Coco the Kitten, Dougal the Puppy and Curly the Cockapoo. They’re all made of quality M&S milk chocolate, and Charlie the Bunny is returning again as a dairy-free option!
How much: £6
Buy now: M&S Flossy the Highland Cow; M&S Coco the KittenM&S Curly the CockapooM&S Dougal the PuppyM&S Made Without Dairy Charlie the Bunny

Giant Easter eggs

When it comes to Easter eggs, the phrase ‘less is more’ doesn’t hold up. More is more, so check out these giant easter eggs for a chocolate treat to feed the whole family.

Chococo Giant Half and Half Egg

chococo half and half easter egg

What: Can’t choose between milk chocolate and dark chocolate? Choose both with Chococo’s giant half and half treat, which weighs in at a solid half kilo of handcrafted chocolate heaven, including handmade chocolates inside.
How much: £45
Buy now: Chococo Giant Half and Half Egg

Cocoba Giant 4kg Easter Egg

cocoba giant milk chocolate easter egg

What: One of the biggest Easter eggs we’ve ever laid eyes on, this whopper from Kent-based chocolatier Cocoba weighs in at a weighty four kilograms. Gather together a few hungry mates to polish it off.
How much: £99.95
Buy now: Cocoba Giant 4kg Easter Egg

Hotel Chocolat The Ostrich Egg Classic

hotel chocolate giant easter egg with chocolates

What: The title of this egg isn’t hyperbole, as it’s the size of an actual ostrich egg. The shell is made of milk chocolate that has been filled with crunchy cookie pieces and puffed rice, while the egg also comes with a tray of 20 chocs, meaning the whole thing amounts to over 1kg of chocolate. Just the right amount for one we think.
How much:
Buy now: Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Easter Egg

Melt Lotus Easter Egg

an easter egg split into different flavoured wedges

What: If you're struggling to choose what type of chocolate to get, then Melt has you covered. This 1kg egg is split into seven different sections, each made of different types and flavours of chocolates including fruits of the forest, pistachio and raspberry. Opening up like the lotus flower it's named for, this one is perfect for sharing (or you can keep it all to yourself - we won't judge!)
How much:
Buy now: Melt Lotus Easter Egg

The 1kg Lindt Gold Bunny

lindt giant chocolate bunny

What: There are few Easter treats more iconic than the Lindt bunny. But this is no ordinary bunny. This one-kilo gold rabbit is pretty much life-sized and comes in its own box with a strap for carrying, presumably so you carry it with you and eat bits of it throughout the day. 
How much: £65
Buy now: The 1kg Lindt Gold Bunny

Vegan Easter eggs

Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all of the Easter fun. The good news is that there are some dark chocolate Easter eggs out there that are vegan friendly, so check out where you can pick up the best vegan Easter eggs for 2024 below.

HiP Oat Milk Cookies No Cream Egg

HiP vegan easter egg in a box

What: HiP’s eggs aren’t just vegan-friendly, they’re also environment-friendly with absolutely zero plastic packaging. Proving that you don't need dairy to enjoy a delicious creamy chocolate egg, we reckon you’d struggle to tell the difference between this and a normal Easter egg. This cookies no cream option is one of our favourites.
How much: £10
Buy now: HiP's Cookies No Cream Easter Egg

Happi Oat M!lk Chocolate Egg

happi vegan easter eggs

What: Happi’s oat milk chocolate is one of the better vegan and free-from options we’ve come across, and they do multiple flavours including salted caramel and chocolate orange along with a classic milk chocolate option! So good that you might never return to the real deal.
How much: £9
Buy now: Happi Oat M!lk Chocolate Orange Egg; Happi Oat M!lk Salted Caramel Egg

Ombar Oat M'lk Chocolate Easter Egg

oat milk egg from Ombar

What: Ombar's sustainable and plant-based chocolatey treats have hit the shelves for 2024. This oat m'lk Easter egg boasts reduced carbon emissions and less sugar than 'regular' chocolate whilst still retaining that smooth and creamy taste! Plus, Ombar has pledged to donate 5p from each eggs towards reforestation projects in Ecuador (where the team source the cacao that's used in the eggs!)
How much: £9.99
Buy now: Ombar Oat M'lk Chocolate Easter Egg

Melt Almond Milk Vegan Easter Egg

melt vegan easter egg

What: Another quality chocolatier joining the vegan fray, Melt is an award-winning Notting Hill shop with a great reputation for handmade chocolates. The bronze speckling is rather beautiful and the chocolate is ethically sourced and made with almond milk.
How much: £29.99
Buy now: Melt Almond Milk Vegan Easter Egg

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