19 of the best kids' Easter eggs for 2022

The Easter Bunny might want to take a look at this

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19 of the best kids' Easter eggs for 2022

We don’t know about you, but we’re already very excited about Easter, in particular about the chocolatey treats that might be bestowed upon us. If we’re this excited as fully grown adults, imagine how excited all the kids are. Let’s face it, there is nothing more exciting as a child than receiving an egg entirely made from chocolate. Now, while we know that the Easter Bunny is obviously on hand to help out with Easter eggs, all you parents out there should still know what’s on offer just in case...


It’s important to remember that our favourite Easter eggs won’t necessarily be the children’s favourites though. Kids care far less about quality of tempering or the percentage of dark chocolate; instead they are all about what’s drawn on the egg, whether it comes with anything like a toy or extra sweets, and also what the packaging looks like.

Luckily, retailers have caught on and nowadays sell a huge variety of Easter eggs specifically for children. From TV characters like Peppa Pig, all the way through to Hot Wheels, they all have their own Easter eggs now, meaning that it’s sometimes tough to know which one you should go for.

That is why below we’ve rounded up some of this year's best kids' Easter eggs so that you know where to start. We’ve tried to include a mixture of different types of chocolate, as well as eggs covering a range of budgets. We’ve even included a few vegan eggs for children who can’t eat dairy. What we can safely say though is that your children won’t be disappointed with any of these.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect egg, all you have to do is click through and purchase it – easy as pie. It will save you lots of stress too, because nobody wants to be panicking about Easter Eggs on Easter Saturday.


Luxury kids' Easter eggs

Just because they're kids doesn't necessarily mean that they don't deserve a bit of luxury once in a while, so below are our favourite luxury eggs made specifically for children who can appreciate high-quality chocolate

Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick 'You Crack Me Up' Egg

What: This Hotel Chocolat egg is something pretty special, and it should be with a price tag of £30, making it the most expensive egg on our list. With its extra-thick shell, one half of which is made from milk chocolate and the other from caramel white chocolate, Hotel Chocolat is already onto a winner. The fact that it’s stuffed with a variety of miniature chocolates with faces drawn on them helps too, meaning that kids will be begging for this egg.
How Much:
Buy the Hotel Chocolat Extra-Thick 'You Crack Me Up' Egg

Fortnum & Mason Milk Chocolate Bunny Egg

What: With a name like Fortnum & Mason behind it, this kids’ egg was always bound to be good. It's made from beautiful milk chocolate and once you crack into this egg, you’ll discover four hand-decorated solid chocolate bunnies. As if this wasn’t enough already, the egg comes beautifully wrapped in gold foil and packaged inside a box, making it the perfect Easter gift for children.
How Much:
Buy the Fortnum & Mason Milk Chocolate Bunny Egg

Laderach Easter Bunnies 'Lou' and 'Cleo'

What: If you only feed your kids the finest luxury chocolate, look no further than Swiss chocolate masters Laderach. These lovely chocolate bunnies are sure to appeal (both boy and girl bunnies are available) and they come in a spectrum of flavours - from dark, milk and white to raspberry, almond and coconut - to appeal to any little Easter treat hunter.
How much: From £4.50
Buy it: Laderach Easter Bunnies 'Lou' and 'Cleo'

Allsorts Chocolate Head

What: This Allsorts chocolate head almost looks too good to eat but every part of it is indeed edible. Not only does that mean that your child can eat the chocolate moustache, hat, plaque and liquorice Allsorts, but hiding inside there is also a crispy Belgian chocolate core which is waiting to be demolished. There's also the option to add a message to this chocolate head too should you fancy personalising it.
How Much:
Buy the Allsorts Chocolate Head

Pierre Marcolini Chocolate Rabbit

What: Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini has unveiled his Easter collection, which features goodies for children and adults alike. The best bet for wowing the littles ones though are the miniature rabbits, which are available in milk, white or dark chocolate. For an extra layer of cuteness, the rabbit arrives in a colourful cardboard box, decorated with a seasonally appropriate daisy emblem.
How much: £9.90
Buy the Pierre Marcolini Little Rabbits

Cookie Dough and Ice Cream Sandwich

What: The stuff of childhood dreams, this creation from Hotel Chocolat combines the flavours of cookie dough and ice cream and turns them into a chocolate sandwiched-shaped Easter egg. We’re pretty confident in saying this will be a hit. Prefer your sandwich with a different filling? There are all kinds of iterations of this quirky shape – from toast and marmalade through to ‘lamb’ and mint, where the lamb (thankfully) is a cuddly-looking white chocolate character.
How much: £10
Buy the Cookie Dough and Ice Cream Sandwich

Kids' Easter eggs with toys

Children are obssessed with both toys and also characters from their favourite films and TV shows, so there's nothing more exciting than when an egg comes with a free toy or their favourite character appears on the front of the box

Cadbury Peter Rabbit Egg

What: Who doesn’t love Peter Rabbit? The Beatrix Potter bunny is perhaps one of children’s literature’s most famous characters and this year Cadbury have designed an egg to celebrate the Peter Rabbit film. The small Cadbury milk chocolate egg is the perfect size for younger children and comes with an adorable Peter Rabbit cuddly toy too.
How Much:
Buy the Cadbury Peter Rabbit Egg

Kinder Surprise Giant Egg

What: Do you remember when you were younger how exciting it was to break into a Kinder egg to discover which toy you’d got inside? Well imagine that feeling times a thousand, as Kinder have created an extra-large version of their surprise egg for Easter. Made from the classic milk chocolate lined with a milky white chocolate, and containing a much bigger toy than normal inside, this egg is guaranteed to be popular among children.
How Much:
Buy the Kinder Surprise Giant Egg

Crayola Decorate Your Own Egg

What: For kids who love drawing and colouring in, what could be better than an Easter egg which they can decorate themselves? Well, this egg lets them do just that. Coming with two decorating tubes of coloured icing, children can let their artistic sides run wild on this milk chocolate egg, creating whatever designs they wish.
How Much:
Buy the Crayola Decorate Your Own Egg

Peppa Pig Easter Gift Set

What: This is definitely an egg for particularly young children. Coming with a melamine bowl, spoon and beaker, as well as of course a milk chocolate egg, you get a good amount of bang for your buck with this gift set. Most importantly however, is that it’s entirely Peppa Pig themed, and if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that children adore Peppa Pig.
How Much:
Buy the Peppa Pig Easter Gift Set

Classic kids' eggs

Sometimes the best kids' Easter eggs aren't the incredibly smart ones. Children often just want their favourite chocolate in supersize form.

M&S Giant Percy Egg

What: There aren't many sweets more recognisable than M&S's Percy Pig and this year Percy's been turned into a giant Easter egg with shorts made of hundreds and thousands. Made ears-to-trotters in bright pink chocolate, young kids will take much delight in seeing this cute character in egg-form, with him tasting creamier than ever.
How Much:
Buy the M&S Giant Percy Egg

Cocoba Easter Hot Chocolate Egg Bombe

What: From the outside this egg from Cocoba may seem about as plain as you can possibly imagine, but it's actually full of surprises, which kids will love. If you crack into the thick shell, pop it into a mug and add hot milk, it will tranform into an indulgent hot chocolate topped with adorable duck-shaped marshmallows which are hidden within - now how's that for a surprise?
How Much:
Buy the Cocoba Easter Hot Chocolate Egg Bombe

Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Faces Egg

What: Who doesn’t love a Freddo? It’s Cadbury’s classic milk chocolate in its purest form. This Freddo egg comes with a bag of Freddo faces as well as a chocolate egg, meaning that you get a fair bit of chocolate included. The best thing about this egg though, is its astoundingly low price, costing just a pound!
How Much:
Buy the Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Faces Egg

Tony's Chocolonely Egg-stra Special Chocolate Eggs

What: While the little guys in your life might primarily be concerned with what’s inside this sweet egg carton (dark, dark milk, milk, white chocolate hazelnut, nougat, caramel, almond, raspberry, popping sugar and sea salt eggs FYI), from a grown-up persepcive it’s comforting to know these creations are a touch more ethical than others. Tony and his gang are on a mission to make the world of chocolate 100% slave-free.
How much: £3.75
Buy the Tony's Chocolonely Egg-stra Special Chocolate Eggs

M&S Inky the Chocolate Octopus

What: Who couldn’t be cheered by this chap’s face? Inky the octopus might not be a traditional Easter character, but he is made from good old fashioned milk chocolate (which as most children know, is the best). The design is true to form with curling tentacles and rosy-red cheeks, plus the kind of peaceful expression that only comes with being able to hold eight Easter eggs at once.
How much: £5
Buy the M&S Inky the Chocolate Octopus

Lindt Gold Bunny Large Egg

What: Lindt’s gold bunnies are as synonymous with Easter as roast lamb these days, with their shiny gold wrappers, pretty red bows and dinky bells. This ensemble includes a foil-wrapped egg as well as the bunny for double the fun. Our favourite bit? The extra-thick ears which provide the best bite of rich milk chocolate.
How much: £8
Buy the Lindt Gold Bunny Large Egg

Thortons Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Easter Egg

What: Sometimes the simple things are the best and that’s exactly why Thortons Easter eggs are always so good. For any monster crazy kid, this egg is an ideal Easter gift, featuring a white chocolate dinosaur emblazoned onto the front of the creamy milk chocolate shell. What you can be absolutely certain of is that this egg will taste great.
How Much: £4
Buy the Thortons Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Easter Egg

Vegan kids' Easter eggs

If your child isn't able to eat dairy or if they follow a vegan diet, it can be difficult to find Easter eggs that are right for them. They don't need to miss out on all the fun though – check out these vegan kids' chocolate eggs which could be just what you're looking for

Vegan Chocolate Rabbert Hollow with Tiddly Pot

What: When it come to Hotel Chocolat, you always know you're going to be getting a top-quality Easter egg and that's certainly the case with this dairy-free rabbit design which includes both a bunny and a tub of 'dinky drops'. Despite being completely vegan, Hotel Chocolat has still managed to recreate the smooth, creamy texture of milk chocolate.
How Much: £6.50
Buy the Hotel Chocolat Vegan Chocolate Rabbert Hollow with Tiddly Pot

Moo Free Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg

What: This vegan egg from Moo Free comes splattered with marshmallows, white chocolate drops and more. With so much going on with this egg, we'd be surprised if your child even noticed it was dairy free, and that's saying something given how well kids know their chocolate.
How Much: £3.50
Buy the Moo Free Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg

Montezuma's Frizzle Vegan Dark Chocolate Hen

What: Another vegan egg, this time in the shape of a chick. This dairy-free offering from Montezuma's has bits of cocoa nib mixed in with the shell to provide an added crunch. Everything in the 100% biodegradable box is made from Like No Udder chocolate which prides itself on having a wonderfully creamy texture given the lack of dairy, making it great for kids.
How Much: £9.50
Buy Montezuma's Frizzle Vegan Dark Chocolate Hen

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