Best chocolate subscription box: 18 indulgent options that chocaholics will love

The best ways to get chocolate delivered direct to your door

Updated on • Written By Caroline Hendry

Best chocolate subscription box: 18 indulgent options that chocaholics will love

Growing up, the idea of having chocolate delivered direct to your door sounded like the sort of thing that only happens in films. However, we live in the age of deliveries, with people shopping online from home more than ever before. You can already get your hands on the likes of wine subscriptions and recipe boxes on your doorstep, so what is there to stop a modern day Willy Wonka from creating a choc box that can land straight in your lap? In fact, if Road Dahl was alive today, perhaps he would have titled the childhood classic “Charlie and The Chocolate Subscription Box”, because why would Charlie be bothered to trek all the way to a factory when he could simply get the good stuff sent straight to his doorstep with a few clicks of his iPhone.


Jokes aside, the chocolate subscription business is booming and it’s easy to see why. Who could resist coming home and opening up a Bounty (geddit?) of delicious chocolate treasure, wrapped in eye-catching packaging and full of flavour? If the idea of a hefty supply of chocolate delivered to your door every month has got you licking your lips, you are probably interested to know who takes the crown of the best chocolate subscription the UK has to offer? We won’t lie to you, it’s a hotly contested title, and if we’re honest, we struggled to choose just one chocolate subscription box that we loved the most.

Instead, we have taken it upon ourselves to hand select a whole host of our favourites, which suit a range of tastes, styles and budgets. If you take your chocolate seriously, you’ll probably want to opt for one of the higher-end subscriptions where you can expect to receive unconventional, innovative flavours. If you prefer playing it safe though, there is plenty for you to choose from too, including a chocolate subscription box from one of the most recognised chocolate purveyors in the UK.

Check out our pick of the best chocolate subscription boxes below and choc till you drop - on the sofa, in front of a good film of course.

Chocolate subscription box UK

Think chocolate dropped off at your front door sounds too good to be true? Make the dream a reality with these delicious chocolate subscription services that you need to know about.

Melt Chocolate’s Club Melt

Why: Crafted in the heart of Notting Hill, the monthly subscription from Melt Chocolate will likely have you licking your lips. Pick between a box of fresh chocs or a selection of three bars to receive each month, with flavours ranging from the traditional (sea salted caramel) to the less conventional, such as marmalade on toast.
How much: £19.99 per month
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Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club

Why: Hotel Chocolat offers a few monthly subscriptions, categorised into themes such as High Cocoa or Boozy, but our favourite is the Everything Box, which does what it says on the tin and includes a little bit of everything - think caramel milk batons, chocolate raspberry macarons and booze-injected truffles.
How much: £25 per month
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Why: Ok, so health-conscious subscription service Graze is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re craving chocolate. However, if you are keen to keep your chocolate addiction on the lighter side, try out its new chocolate gift box and other chocolate-covered snacks, which uses a dark choc that features 75% less sugar than most of its counterparts.
How much: From £4.99 a month
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The Chocolate Library’s Feel Good Chocolate Subscription

Why: If you are looking to gift someone a chocolate subscription, then you’re the kind of friend everyone needs in their life. The Chocolate Library’s monthly bars come wrapped in sleek packaging that features an uplifting message on the front. You can choose from 12 messages to add to your bars and give a loved one just the pick-me-up they need.
How much: £36 for three months
Sign up to The Chocolate Library’s Feel Good Chocolate Subscription

The Chocolate Society Box of the Month

Why: Each month, Valrhona-trained chocolatier Alasdair Garnsworthy creates a limited batch of fresh chocolate boxes. The boxes feature two of each flavour, making them perfect for sharing (if you’re that way inclined), while they look beautiful too. Look out for seasonal and themed boxes throughout the year, such as this pink-hued collection marking Breast Cancer Awareness month.
How much: £22.50 per month
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Chococo’s Truly Fresh Chocolate Club

Why: If you care about where your choc actually comes from, check out Dorset-based Chococo, which places emphasis on using natural ingredients that are sourced locally whenever possible. This commitment to sourcing results in the delicious likes of Dorset lemon curd-spiked white chocolate ganache, while the packaging and chocolates themselves boast very pretty designs too.
How much: From £46.25 for a three month subscription
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Why: Pronounced ‘Oh so’ as in ‘oh so good chocolate’, this subscription comes in packs of seven bars (you can order four or eight packs per month) which means guaranteeing a bar of chocolate every day. Worried about your diet? Osho is lower in calories than most chocolate bars and there’s no added sugar either. Choose from four flavours, including orange and raspberry.
How much: From £15.90 per month
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Why: If you believe there’s no such a thing as ‘too much chocolate’, Cocoba’s monthly selection is for you. With each box, you’ll receive a selection of truffles and pralines, a handmade chocolate bar, a bag of chocolate covered treats or chocolate buttons and some indulgent drinking chocolate to wash it all down with.
How much: £19.95 per month
Sign up to Cocoba

Paul A Young Chocolate Club

Why: Master chocolatier Paul A Young is one of the biggest names in gourmet choc, so it’s no surprise his chocolate club delivers on big flavours. If you can stomach the price tag, expect to try everything from classic flavours to wonderfully wacky varieties such as a Korma-inspired chocolate truffle that incorporates crushed up poppadoms.
How much: £200 per month
Sign up to the Paul A Young Chocolate Club

Love Cocoa

Why: One of the more affordable chocolate subscriptions out there is Love Cocoa, founded by James Cadbury (yes, of that Cadbury family - although the company isn’t associated). You pick three bars each month from flavours such as Gin & Tonic or Salted Caramel, while it’s also worth noting that all bars are single origin, palm oil free and boast 100% recyclable packaging.
How much: £10 per month
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Dormouse Chocolate’s Bean to Door Club

Why: Fancy yourself as the friend who knows about cool stuff before everyone else in your group? Then you’ll want to be part of this chocolate club, which sends limited-edition bars direct to your door. Expect innovative and unusual flavours such as butter toffee crunch, and feel safe in the knowledge that all beans used are ethically sourced.
How much: From £20 for three months
Sign up to Dormouse Chocolate’s Bean to Door Club

Cocoa Runners

Why: Promising to deliver the ‘world’s best craft chocolate’ to your door every month is Cocoa Runners. Subscribers can choose from milk, dark or 100% cacao bars which can handily be posted through your letterbox and also come complete with a set of tasting notes to talk you through where in the world your chocolate hails from - one for the aficionados.
How much: From £19.95 per month
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Green & Black’s Chocolate Club

Why: Green & Blacks has got all your chocolate cravings sorted with its Chocolate Club. You’ll receive two different 90g organic bars each month, with flavours including dark, milk and white chocolate. The parcel also handily fits through your letterbox, so there’s no need to worry about waiting around for the delivery.
How much: £36 per month
Sign up to Green & Black’s Chocolate Club

Cadbury Gift Box Subscription

Why: The most famous brand of chocolate on Britain’s high streets can now be delivered direct to your door. If you’re looking for a glass and a half full of choccy magic, sign up to have 10 classic Cadbury bars delivered to your door each month, with iconic varieties such as Flake, Double Decker, Crunchie and Dairy Milk all included.
How much: £66 for six months
Sign up to the Cadbury Gift Box Subscription

Borough Box

Why: This letterbox-friendly subscription from Borough Box features three bars each month, all wrapped in colourful and stylish packaging. You’ll receive a range of milk, dark and white chocolate bars in mostly classic flavours, but there are a few with more novel twists too. There is also the welcome option to test it out for just one month before committing to a year’s worth.
How much: £14.99 per month
Sign up to the Borough Box Chocolate Subscription

Vegan chocolate subscription box UK

The below chocolate subscriptions are either entirely vegan or offer vegan-friendly options, so are perfectly placed for chocolate lovers following a plant-based diet.

Eighteen Rabbit’s Fairtrade Chocolate Club

Why: Eighteen Rabbits is a bit of a one-stop-shop for all things Fairtrade, selling fashion, jewellery and homeware. It also has a chocolate club, which allows you to receive one 70g bar of chocolate from Australian brand Zotter every month. Expect to munch on intriguing flavours such as balsamic orange, and there’s also the option to request vegan chocs too.
How much: £20 for three months
Sign up to Eighteen Rabbit’s Fairtrade Chocolate Club

Ooh! Chocolata Chocolate Subscription

Why: You’ve got to hand it to Ooh! Chocolata’s branding team, as that is exactly the noise we make when we see chocolate on our doorstep. With this subscription, you’ll receive three regular bars of milk chocolate, gingery dark chocolate and honeycomb chocolate each month, plus a fourth mystery bar. It’s one of the more affordable subscriptions out there and there are vegan options too.
How much: £22 for three months
Sign up to the Ooh! Chocolata Chocolate Subscription

Pure Heavenly VIP Club

Why: If you’re looking for a vegan chocolate subscription that’s still big on flavour, check out Pure Heavenly (previously featured on Dragon’s Den). Low in sugar and free of dairy, soy and gluten, it’s a great choice for those with food intolerances or who eat a plant-based diet and the flavour isn’t lacking either.
How much: From £10.35 per month
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