Best brunch delivery UK: 20 restaurants offering brunch delivery in London and nationwide

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Best brunch delivery UK: 20 restaurants offering brunch delivery in London and nationwide

If you’d have told us 20 years ago that brunch was going to become the craze that it is today, we probably wouldn’t have believed you. After all, it is really just the combination of two meals that already existed. However, something about brunch has captured the nation’s heart, to the point where some you could even say that brunch is the new lunch!


A huge number of restaurants across the UK now serve the mid-morning meal with new styles and cuisines of brunch popping up all over the shop. What you might not realise however, is that many of the best brunch spots actually offer delivery too. Now, we know that for some people, a big part of brunch is getting out of the house and even getting glammed up sometimes, but as 2020 has taught us, that’s not always possible! And let’s be honest, everyone has those weekends where as much as they’d love to indulge in a restaurant brunch with friends, a morning spent lounging around in pyjamas calls.

That’s why we think that having brunch delivered is such a good option; you can indulge in everything from maple syrup-topped pancakes to shakshuka at home without having to do anything apart from deciding what you feel like. So, whether you’re hosting a brunch with friends and want to remove the stress of cooking, or simply fancy treating yourself to something a little more special than a boiled egg and soldiers, brunch delivery could be just what you’re looking for. We’ve put together a guide below to the best restaurants offering brunch delivery in London and UK-wide, so that next time you’re in desperate need of a fry-up, you know where to order from. Our guide includes a mixture of brunch DIY kits which simply require finishing off at home, as well as places delivering ready-to-eat brunch.

Best brunch delivery London

With so many amazing brunch restaurants in the Capital, there are number of great brunch delivery options available. These are our picks of the restaurants offering best brunch delivery in London.

The Breakfast Club

What: Having fast become one of London’s most popular spots for brunch, The Breakfast Club is now delivering its irresistible menu straight to your door. With ten outposts across the Capital, a fair chunk of London is within delivery range. This means that whether you’re craving cornflake chicken and waffles, a breakfast sandwich, or The Breakfast Club’s all-American fry up, you’re only a scroll and few taps away from an amazing brunch.
How to order: Order on Deliveroo

Casa Tua

What: If brunch done Italian style sounds like your bag, Casa Tua could be just the place to order from. Options on the delivery menu include pancake stacks, avocado on toast, scrambled eggs served on a croissant, and a trio of poached eggs (one Benedict, one royale and one Florentine). There’s also nothing stopping you ordering a few extras with aren’t typically brunch-y. Why not order a burrata with Parma ham on the side? We won’t tell if you don’t.
How to order: Order on UberEats

Pophams Bakery

What: We’re sure that those of you living in both Hackney and Islington are already well aware of Pophams Bakery thanks to its array of incredible baked goods, but what you might not have realised is that Pophams now delivers too. With everything on offer from freshly baked pastries such as bacon and maple swirls and ham and cheese croissants, to raisin, chocolate and maple granola, and coconut yoghurt with pecan butter, we challenge you to only order one thing from the menu.
How to order: Order online (one-mile delivery radius from either bakery)


What: Don’t tell us you didn’t expect there to be a least one egg pun in this guide. EggsQuisite is another brunch delivery option which has our yolky friend at the forefront of its menu. With kitchens in all corners of London, you’d be unlucky not to be within range of delivery. Expect everything from brioche French toast and buttermilk pancakes, to an egg and minute steak burger on Eggsquisite’s tasty menu.
How to order: Order on UberEats


What: Balham’s Milk has earnt a reputation over the years for serving one of the best brunches in South London its delivery menu is just as impressive. Order readymade Milk classics such as The Convict which sees Grilled Gloucester an old spot pork patty muffin filled with streaky bacon, egg, hangover sauce & Lincolnshire poacher cheese, or try out one of the amazing DIY kits on offer.
How to order: Order online (only delivers to SW postcodes)


What: When you think of having pancakes for breakfast or brunch, you probably tend to imagine fluffy American-style pancakes rather than crepes. However, Crêpeaffair has turned that idea on its head by offering a whole range of all day breakfast crepes which we think are the perfect thing to have delivered for an easy brunch. Choose from fillings including smoked salmon and cream cheese, eggs Benedict and a full English.
How to order: Order on Deliveroo


What: Since finding its way over from the states a few years ago, Eggslut has proved quite a hit among Londoners and now has two sites in the Capital. Its menu, which is also available for delivery, is focused around the humble egg sandwich. Order dishes straight to your front door including the Fairfax sandwich which features warm scrambled eggs, chives, caramelised onions, cheddar and sriracha mayo in a brioche bun. Now that’s comfort food to a tee.
How to order: Order on Deliveroo


What: Scots living in London looking for some home comforts should look no further than Deeney’s when it comes to brunch delivery. Based up in Leyton, you’ll find haggis a plenty in the breakfast dishes on offer here. There also aren’t many places in London where you’ll find square sausage but at Deeney’s you can have it served in a bap with a fried egg on top!
How to order: Order on Deliveroo

Farmer's Mistress

What: Battersea favourite The Farmer’s Mistress describes its menu as ‘naturally naughty’ and we can see why with dishes like a charcoal brioche breakfast bun filled with smoked back bacon, fried egg, smashed avo and date ketchup on the menu. For £15 on weekends only you can also order its signature Naughty Mistress fry up which involves delights such as hash cake and bloody Mary baked beans.
How to order: Order on Deliveroo


What: Notting Hill's Eggbreak is known for serving its egg-focused dishes all day long and that includes via delivery. So, if you're feeling like a bit of a later brunch than normal that's no issue at all. As if the neighbourhood restaurant's menu wasn't enticing enough already, from 20 February Eggbreak will be joining forces with popular Middle Eastern spot Bubala to offer a special bun. The Bubala Bun comes filled with the Spitalfield restaurant's famously soft halloumi, an egg souffle, rose harissa, and smoked tomato and date butter.
How to order: Order on Deliveroo

Seabird x Lurra at home

What: The Hoxton's Seabird may be best known for its brunches with a view, but it's now teamed up with Marylebone-based Basque restaurant Lurra to offer an at-home box which we think is perfect for an extra-special brunch. Featuring Seabird's signature octopus roll and Lurra's burnt cheesecake, the box can be delivered to all London postcodes and arrives on Saturdays - perfect timing for a luxurious two-course brunch.
How to order: Order online; available from Saturday 13 March for three weeks

Best brunch delivery nationwide

Just because you don't live in London doesn't mean that there aren't brunch delivery options available to you. A number of places offer nationwide delivery on their brunch DIY kits. Here are our picks for the best UK-wide brunch delivery options. 


What: Imagine getting your hands on hot croissants straight from the oven in the comfort of your own home. Making that dream a reality is the team at Tarla. They send you out everything you need to make your own pastries at home without the need for so much as a scale. You get the dough, the fillings and the finishes and all you have to do is shape, prove and bake. It’s fun and a little bit different and the results are fantastic. Everything is – crucially – made with all-butter recipes and the little extras like the glaze give you super professional results no matter your skill level in the kitchen. These would be great if you have friends coming to stay and you want to impress them with a ‘homemade’ brunch. 
How much: From £13.50 for six croissant
Order Tarla pastry brunch kits


What: London brunch favourites Caravan have created two wonderful brunch DIY kits which are available for nationwide delivery. The first of them is a baked eggs kits and the other is for kimchi pancakes but both also come with a loaf of Caravan's sourdough bread, a pack of its award-winning coffee, and the ingredients for cornbread muffins too. That's quite the brunch feast if you make it for just a few of you.
How much: From £36
Order Caravan's DIY brunch kits


What: While Dishoom is of course known for its gorgeous curries, fragrant biryanis and colourful restaurants, it has become equally well-known for the now legendary bacon naan that’s on the brunch menu. Thanks to its DIY bacon naan roll kit, you can now recreate this classic brunch dish at home in under 20 minutes. Coming with everything from dough balls for the naan to tomato chilli jam to drizzle on top of the bacon, this kit is sure to have you dying for another straight away.
How much: £16
Order Dishoom's bacon naan roll kit

Where the Pancakes Are

What: There’s no doubt that pancakes have become a staple item on most half-decent brunch menus. As you might have guessed from the name, Where the Pancakes Are is a London restaurant entirely dedicated to serving stacks of fluffy pancakes topped with all sorts of delicious treats and sauces. As it’s not entirely practical to deliver stacks of pre-made pancakes, it has designed a range of at-home kits which can be delivered nationwide with options including banana and sea salted caramel, and bacon with maple syrup.
How much: £45
Order Where the Pancakes Are's DIY kits

Stein's at home

What: For a hearty Cornish breakfast which’ll fill you up good and proper, this weekend breakfast box (£35), courtesy of Rick Stein, is on the money. Containing four local sausages, six rashers of bacon, six St Ewe eggs, a loaf of sourdough, coffee, jam and more, this generous kit should last you a good few days. You can decide exactly how you want to use the produce as well, whether that be for a sausage sandwich or a full Cornish breakfast.
How much: £35
Order Rick Stein's weekend breakfast box

Le Swine

What: There aren’t many things in life better than a gorgeous bacon butty and Le Swine claim to have perfected this British classic. Usually served out of Le Swine’s 60s ambulance which travels around London and to private events, the sarnie is currently available in DIY kit form so that you can recreate it at home. Coming with everything from old fashioned middle bacon and milk and onion buns to bacon butter and chipotle ketchup, this is sure to be one of the more memorable bacon butties you’ve made yourself.
How much: From £12
Order Le Swine's DIY kit

Breakfast en Bread

What: Canalside café The Barge House’s signature dish, known as ‘breakfast in bread’ has proved so popular since it launched in 2014 that it now has a delivery service dedicated entirely to it. The dish involves a loaf of sourdough being hollowed out and filled with various different breakfast ingredients such as bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, leeks and egg, or smoked salmon and crème fraiche. Delivered nationwide the stuffed rolls come vacuum packed and have a shelf life of five days. All you need to do is heat them up in the oven.
How much: From £14.50
Order from Breakfast en Bread


What: We don’t know many people who don’t love a Gail’s. The bougie bakery is a favourite among Londoners whether it’s for its beautifully baked sourdough, its fantastic coffees, or its wonderful breakfast pastries. You now don’t have to be near one of the bakeries to enjoy Gail’s goodies as it has created a breakfast in bed hamper which can be delivered nationwide. Requiring no cooking at all, each hamper includes a croissant, a cinnamon bun, a loaf of sourdough, marmalade, butter, a bottle of orange juice, and a pack of Gail’s house blend coffee.
How much: £30
Order the Gail's breakfast in bed hamper

At Home Breakfast Box by Mark Birchall

What: Are you the sort of the person who likes to go all out when it comes to brunch? If so, this luxurious box from Moor Hall chef Mark Birchall ought to do the trick. The three-course hamper contains everything from sourdough breads and pastries and home-cured black pepper salami, to the ingredients for Moor Hall's full English accompanied by freshly squeezed orange juice and a bloody Mary. Just to top things off, every box also comes with a tin of Exmoor caviar.
How much: £100 for box serving two
Order the at home breakfast box by Mark Birchall

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