Barcelona Tapas Bar y Restaurante - Lordship Lane

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481 Lordship Lane , London, SE22 8JY

Barcelona Tapas Bar y Restaurante - Lordship Lane

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Located on the southern stretch of Lordship Lane, this large, colourful restaurant has to work hard to pull in customers. Decorwise, you’ll find a huge, Gaudí-inspired mosaic lizard & bright walls in the vast conservatory dining room. The menu covers everything from charcuterie & cheese platters to classic tapas such as meatballs, chorizo & croquetas. For something more unusual, try the fideuà: a Catalan speciality similar to paella, but made with short noodles instead of rice. Staff at this branch of the popular chain (there are three more) could do with some polish, if it is to fall into line with the rest of its City counterparts.
WINE LIST: Despite its name, the range here encompasses wines from all over Spain. Detailed descriptions try to ensure customers know what they are getting, although few vintages are listed. If you fancy an aperitif, there is an excellent range of sherries and cavas. Finish with a Moscatel from Malaga. BEST BUY WHITE 2008 Adega Castrocelta, Rías Baixas, Spain, £28.95. BEST BUY RED Ultreia, Bierzo, Spain, £29.95.

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481 Lordship Lane , London SE22 8JY

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Mon-Sun 5-11pm (Fri -11.30pm) Sat-Sun 12N-11.30pm

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Food & Drink: 2.0


Service: 1.0


Atmosphere: 5.0


Value: 1.5

Food + drink: 0

Service: 0

Atmosphere: 1

Value: 0

29 October 2010

Seriously terrible service and the food was even worse. The rudest, laziest, most uninterested staff ever… Coupled with the second most disgusting dinner I've ever eaten… After literally chewing on a mouthful of “paella” which just so happened to contain half of an oxo cube which hadn't dissolved or been stirred into the rice… My tongue was left feeling bumpy (salt poisoning). We just couldn't eat it! The rest of the food had NO flavour… As the don't seem to approve of using any sauces in their food. I would normally expect to come away from a tapas restaurant having at least consumed some garlic… But no… Just batter, oil, oxo cubes, cold peppers, chewy/dry chorizo… To top it all of, the manager is the rudest character ever. We had to fight to get served all night – took 15 mins for them to ask if we wanted a drink. After not being able to eat the food… And having the waiter recognise the brown, grainy, paste in the paella as undissolved chunks of oxo cube… I can't believe he then proceeded to charge us just under £60! I suggested he may not charge us for the paella as we had only consumed a mouthful each. He made noises at us, flicked his hands in our faces and shooed us out. Unbelievable. One of the worst restaurants in London.


Food + drink: 1

Service: 0

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 1

15 May 2009

Excellent setting, mediocre food, very overpriced, incredibly rude staff. Most of the positive reviews of this place on the internet look highly suspicious… I think the company has been writing them themselves. The venue is very beautiful, they've obviously put a lot of effort into the decor and it sets the scene perfectly for tapas. Such a shame then that they treat their customers with such contempt. From the moment we walked in we were made to feel like we were inconveniencing the staff with our presence. The waiters did not know the answers to simple questions about the menu, and had a tantrum any time you asked them anything. I could sort of understand if it was a busy Saturday night, but our visit was on a Tuesday and there was hardly any other customers. My wife and I tried to raise a complaint with the manager about one particular incident, but he waved his hand in my face to signal me to stop talking as he made a ‘pshh pshh pshh’ sound… unbelievably rude. After our visit, we raised the issue with their head office who, after several weeks of emails back and forth eventually offered to refund my tip!! I'm not sure if they were just taking the mickey out of me, but I told them not to bother. Surely the main reason people dine out is for a pleasant experience, not simply to fill their bellies. The food here was just about satisfactory (with the exception of the cooked meat platter which was dry.), but very expensive, even compared with other london tapas restaurants (the menu prices look reasonable, but the portions are tiny.). Basically, you could buy all the stuff they sell for a FRACTION of the cost from your local Lidl, and save yourself the degradation of dealing with their staff. Avoid this restaurant at all cost!!!

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