SquareMeal and AYALA's Female Chef of the Year awards 2022

With such incredible talent across the industry, picking just one winner is always going to be the challenge

Updated on • Written By Rosie Conroy

While it feels slightly unnatural to select and celebrate people based on their gender, when we started the Female Chef Awards, we did so to readdress the balance. You see, as with many professions across the UK, women are hugely underrepresented in the world of cheffing.

In 2017 The Office for National Statistics reported that just 17% of chef positions were filled by women, meaning under a fifth of chef roles across the UK are held by females. Fewer women in chef positions means fewer role models for girls to look up to, and similarly there aren’t many female faces on cooking shows and food television series either. In our conversations with female chefs, another common theme often emerges, and that’s the issues surrounding childcare and maternity leave. Many women we’ve spoken to think more needs to be done to allow for flexible working in an industry which has historically demanded gruelling shifts and irregular working patterns from its staff. While not every woman will want or need childcare throughout their working life, a work-life balance has to become part of the conversation if we want to truly make kitchens a rewarding place to work. 


With these challenges in mind, we want to shine a light on the exceptional talent we are lucky to have here in the UK. It might seem like an ambitious goal but we're hopeful that this will help to inspire the next generation of cooks, so that in the next cohort of chefs there’ll be equal representation for women and no need for lists such as ours. 

So, while we don’t want to seem tokenistic, we do want to champion women who are doing incredible things in the hospitality sector (and, spoiler alert, there are so, so many). All the chefs we’ve chosen are at the top of their game, flying the flag for incredible cooking and exceptional standards. Below you’ll find more details on the interviews and awards we’ve previously covered, including our list of the top female chefs in the UK.

About the Ayala SquareMeal Female Chef of the Year Awards

Each year we scour the country to come up with a list of top female chefs. We look at all sorts of criteria, from creativity and innovation to training and style. In the late summer we'll be hand-picking a shortlist of exciting talent on the culinary scene to create a shortlist for SquareMeal readers to vote on and will crown one person the 2022 winner before the end of the year.  

The top female chefs in the UK

As part of our commitment to representing women in the industry, we've put together a guide on the best female chefs in the UK at the moment. Our run-down includes Michelin-starred legends and fine dining champions as well as emerging talent who are keen to mix up traditional techniques and look at new ways to present food. 

Popular chef and author Asma Khan owns Darjeeling Express in Covent Garden

Previous Female Chef Award winners

Looking to find out more on the women we've heroed as our top-class female chefs? Scroll down to learn more about previous winners like Sally Abe in 2021, Skye Gyngell in 2019, and industry icon Angela Hartnett, who was given our first ever Female Chef title in 2018. 

Sally Abe: 2021 AYALA SquareMeal Female Chef of the Year

Skye Gyngell: 2019 AYALA SquareMeal Female Chef of the Year

Angela Hartnett: 2018 AYALA SquareMeal Female Chef of the Year

Best Female Chefs – a series of interviews and profiles 

Below you can find a selection of all the Female Chef Features we've covered as part of our Best Female Chefs series, including an interview with our 2021 winner Sally Abe - head chef at The Pem and consultant chef for The Conrad London St James.

The Ayala SquareMeal Best Female Chefs Series: An interview with Chantelle Nicholson

We talk to Apricity chef patron about her culinary journey, and her drive to make the industry more sustainable

The Ayala SquareMeal Best Female Chefs Series: An interview with Sally Abe

Our 2021 Best Female Chef winner shares her experiences of Michelin-starred kitchens, and some advice for young chefs

The Ayala SquareMeal Best Female Chefs Series: An interview with Ravinder Bhogal

Jikoni founder Ravinder Bhogal explains her 'cooking without borders' philosophy, and the importance of carbon neutrality

The Ayala SquareMeal Best Female Chefs Series: An interview with Skye Gyngell

Skye talks biodynamic farming in England, avoiding food wastage and eliminating cling film and reusable bottles

The Ayala SquareMeal Best Female Chefs Series: An interview with Angela Hartnett

The Murano patron chef tells us about working hideous hours, the importance of nurturing talent and being the only woman in the kitchen at Gordon Ramsay's nineties restaurant Aubergine

The Ayala SquareMeal Best Female Chefs Series: An interview with Nieves Barragán Mohacho

Nieves Barragan Mohacho speaks to us about growing up in Spain, the joys of open kitchens and working close to customers, and success at both Barrafina and Sabor

The Ayala SquareMeal Best Female Chefs Series: An interview with Rachel Humphrey

The Gavroche head chef opens up about growing up in Dunstable, cooking in the Falkland Islands and rising to the top in a legendary, family-run restaurant

The Ayala SquareMeal Best Female Chefs Series: An interview with Marianne Lumb

Marianne tells us about her favourite foodie destinations, lessons from being a private chef and and the joys of cooking a soufflé in a 14-cover restaurant

The Ayala SquareMeal Best Female Chefs Series: An interview with Monica Galetti

Monica Galetti opens up about what it's like working with your husband and the need for female chefs to have a better work-life balance. But what's her favourite cooking gadget?

The Ayala SquareMeal Best Female Chefs Series: An interview with Hélène Darroze

Hélène Darroze highlights the differences between Paris and London, how Brexit will affect things and how the star in the kitchen is the produce

The Ayala SquareMeal Best Female Chefs Series: An interview with Anna Haugh

Anna Haugh tells us about her sense of achievement, improving the working environment for chefs and why Gordon Ramsay is a great boss

An introduction to AYALA Chef de Cave Caroline Latrive

In the early part of her career, Caroline Latrive took a job advising growers in Champagne but found it was difficult for clients to take advice from someone who was both younger and a woman. Since then, her career took her to Champagne Ayala which had been bought by Bollinger in 2005 and ever since 2007 she has been part of the work that has redefined and revitalised the brand. In 2011 she became chef de cave, at a time when there was only one other female head winemaker in Champagne.

Three great dishes that pair wonderfully with Ayala Le Blanc de Blanc 2014

Spring’s lemon tart with Fern Verrow strawberries and raspberries and crème fraiche
- “I love serving Champagne with dessert. This dry, light and elegant Champagne works perfectly here with the crisp pastry and the gently sweet summer berries.” Skye Gyngell

Helene Darozze’s fine de claire oyster tartare with Kristal caviar, and white coco bean from Béarn chilled velouté
- “The Chardonnay lends this Champagne its elegance and brings freshness, structure and aromas of white flowers. The oyster tartare also has freshness, as well as a taste of the sea, while the caviar’s clean, buttery flavour and hint of nuttiness is in complete alchemy with the character of the Champagne. Lastly, the creaminess of the smooth coco bean velouté contrasts with the Champagne’s palate-cleansing acidity and minerality. A perfect combination of harmony and contrast." Hélène Darroze

Le Gavroche’s roast langoustine with langoustine consommé flavoured with star anise
- “Shellfish with Champagne is a fabulous match. Nothing in this dish overshadows the Champagne. The lightness of the consommé and the delicate flavour of the langoustines match the lightness of the Blanc de Blancs, while the sweetness of the carrots in the garnish contrast with the Champagne’s natural acidity.” Rachel Humphrey



With its longstanding commitment to the restaurant industry, Champagne AYALA is a natural sponsor to this award and to the series of interviews that accompanies it, not least because its chef de cave Caroline Latrive is a lady who has broken the glass ceiling in a world where Champagne makers are still almost exclusively men.

AYALA is one of the best kept secrets of Champagne. With a history dating back to 1860, AYALA were pioneers of dry, vibrant styles of Champagne, they were one of the original Grandes Marques Houses, and were awarded a Royal Warrant by Edward VII in 1908. Since 2005, the Bollinger family have helped restore this historic House to its former glory. Champagne AYALA is known for its fresh and elegant wines, made with precision and delicacy and crafted on a boutique scale. The wines have been served in the UK for over 100 years in many of London’s most prestigious establishments.

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