How to celebrate National Gin Day

How to celebrate National Gin Day

Posted on 05 June 2018 • Written By Tonje Odegard

How to celebrate National Gin Day
In honour of National Gin Day, we’ve done a roundup of the best gin events going on in the city this weekend. Read on for our top picks for masterclasses, tastings and gin experiences for groups
1.Gin masterclass at Holborn Dining Rooms, WC1

Holboran Dining Room October 2016 10

What is it? A journey through London’s gin history, how gin is made, and how different botanicals help create exciting nuances in flavour. Four different gins will be sampled, and you get to make your own gin cocktail. A G&T on arrival plus bar snacks are also included. 

How much is it? £60pp
How many can I bring? Groups of up to 10 people 

2.Private gin journey on the Gin Bus, Shoreditch and Bermondsey

gin bus

What is it? Think lads on tour, but with added sophistication and the potential of actually learning something interesting about London’s rich history of gin. The Mercedes mini bus will drive you to five different gin bars and a gin distillery where your very own Gin Guardian will tell you all about Mother’s Ruin. All of this while supplying you with five gin samples and five cocktails – win. 

How much is it? £120pp
How many can I bring? 32

3.Design and distil your own bottle of gin at the City of London Distillery, EC4

City of London Distillery and Bar

What is it? At the Gin Lab Experience you get to design your own recipe and distil your very own personalised bottle of gin – we’re talking labels and all. The two-hour experience includes a G&T on arrival and discounted prices for bottles, plus you can always book a table in the bar to continue the party. Oh, and we almost forgot, there’s a blind test competition at the end to determine the best gin.

How much is it? £125pp for group of 10, £90pp (for group of 20)
How many can I bring? Group of 10 (individual bottles), group of 20 (two teams). 

4.Gin tasting at the London Gin Club , W1


What is it? A choice between three different tasting experiences: the history of gin, gin cocktails, or gin flavour spectrum  and botanical. For each one you get an arrival cocktail and the chance to sample five gins, including one served as a gin and tonic.

How much is it? £32pp
How many can I bring? 20 

5.Gin distillery tour at Beefeater Distillery, SE11 


What is it? Explore Britain’s nearly 200-year old gin history while walking through the interactive exhibition. Arriving at the distillery, you can join in with a special gin tasting and a ‘spot the juniper’ competition before toasting the occasion with a Beefeater Gin of your choice mixed with tonic.

How much is it? £40pp
How many can I bring? Groups of up to eight people 

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