Celebrity chef Richard Corrigan "kicked out" royal diner after racist remark

But it looks like he's not going to spill the beans on who it was

Updated on 08 March 2021 • Written By Rosie Conroy

Celebrity chef Richard Corrigan

Celebrated Irish chef Richard Corrigan has revealed that he has previously run into a dispute with a member of the Royal Family over a racist remark.

As reported by The Daily Mail, Corrigan claims to have thrown out his royal guest after they called him a “paddy” in his own restaurant. It’s unclear which of the chef’s restaurants the incident happened in, with the Michelin starred proprietor owning a clutch of brands which include Corrigan’s in Mayfair, Daffodil Mulligan in Old Street and Bentley’s Oyster Bar in Mayfair.


Explaining the situation a little further, Corrigan said, “I made her pay her bill and kicked her out on the street, so that word goes around very quickly.” Not afraid to stand his ground, Corrigan added: “I’ve always associated racism and comments like that with the bullies, so if you give it straight back into their eyes, they tend to shut up and go away, and stay quiet around you.”

“I have witnessed very little racism, or racist kind of remarks, in over 33 years of living and working in London,” Corrigan adds, marking it out as a one-off incident. However, the chef did go on to explain that in previous years, racism towards Irish immigrants was rife, saying: “It has happened in the previous generation, Irish people that went [to London] in the Fifties and Sixties, they got it between their two eyes.”

While many will be intrigued to know the identity of the mysterious royal guest, the chef has made it clear that he won’t be naming the diner involved in the incident. It is thought the silence is due in part to Corrigan not wishing to impact any of his businesses negatively. Although, he has however confirmed the guest to have been a woman.

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