The UK’s first non-alcoholic pub is coming to London

Learn how to make mocktails and enjoy beer tastings without going over the limit

Updated on 09 July 2019 • Written By Kirsten Lee

The UK’s first non-alcoholic pub is coming to London

The Old Crown public house is welcoming a pop-up pub to its London premises this July. The catch? There’s no alcohol.

With a name that says it all, The Clean Vic is due to open in Holborn on 24 July for just two days. The low and no-alcohol pop-up will be serving up a maximum of 0.5% ABV to its customers while taking the guise of a traditional British pub.

That means you can try your hand at drinking 0% beer, get your nose in a glass of low-alcohol wine, sip on the UK’s first alcohol-free whisky, and down plenty of mocktails, minus the hangover.

The Clean Vic will be open from 24 July on New Oxford Street

The Clean Vic, designed as a learning experience, will offer guests alcohol-free fun for a fiver where they can do some low-ABV beer tasting, join in on an inspirational masterclass about how to cut down alcohol intake, or get involved in a hands-on mocktail making session with an expert bartender showing guests how to make their own alcohol-free cocktails at home.

Event attendees will get two low-alcohol drinks from a selection of over 20 booze-free beverages and two snacks for those who are hungry, dishing up bar nibbles including Serious Pig snacks, Brave roasted peas and Corners crisps.

The pop-up, brought to you by Sainsbury’s supermarket, says it is inspired by the rise in interest and sales in the low-alcohol beverage category. Sainsbury's product buyer Anne Cooper said: “With an increasing number of products available, those who want to hold off on alcoholic beverages don’t need to miss out on the experience of enjoying a beer with friends or a mocktail.”

So whether you’re teetotalling after a heavy festival season, you just don’t like the taste, or you're keeping away for other reasons, now you can sip pretty on a fancy mocktail without feeling like you're missing out on the fun. 

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