Russell Crowe will play chef Marco Pierre White in a film about his life

The film has been in the works for five years

Updated on 17 December 2019 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

Russell Crowe will play chef Marco Pierre White in a film about his life

Notorious chef Marco Pierre White has revealed that he has signed a deal that will see Hollywood star Russell Crowe write, direct and star in a film about his life.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, The 58 year old chef revealed that an autobiographical film about his life and career is set to be made, which will likely cover the chef’s rise to fame and notoriety in the early 90s.

Pierre White commented: “I have just signed the deal. Russell has written the script, Russell’s company is producing it, Russell is directing it and Russell is playing the third or fourth Marco.”

He continued: “When they do a movie on your life, you don’t just have one Marco — I am nearly 60 years old. If there was anyone in Hollywood to play me, it would have to be Russell.”

Russell Crowe will be one of several actors playing the chef

The Hell’s Kitchen presenter also revealed that the idea for the film was first conceived five years ago, a production that was supposed to be directed by Sir Ridley Scott and feature either Michael Fassbender or Tom Hardy as the lead. “I didn’t know Russell then” explains Pierre White, “I had never met him because [the idea for the film] all started with Ridley Scott, not with Russell. But I thought to myself: ‘Actually, I think Russell Crowe should be playing me, not Michael Fassbender’.” 

Pierre White’s culinary career began at the age of 16 and by 24 he was head chef and joint owner of Wandsworth restaurant Harveys, manning a kitchen team that included fellow superstar chef Gordon Ramsay. In 1995, he made history when he became the first Brit and the youngest chef in the world to receive Michelin’s top accolade of three stars at Restaurant Marco Pierre White at Forte's Hyde Park hotel – the chef was just 33 at the time.

In recent years, Pierre White has given up his kitchen career to become a full-time restaurateur, launching Black and White Hospitality with Nick Taplin, which operates eight brands that use the chef’s name.

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