KFC's hugely popular vegan burger is here to stay

Having sold 1 million vegan burgers last Veganuary, this year the Colonel's decided it's a keeper

Updated on • Written By Lawrence Calman-Grimsdale

KFC's hugely popular vegan burger is here to stay

In 2020, KFC joined fellow fast-food giants Greggs and McDonald's to launch a plant-based menu for the New Year. In the first month, the fried chicken chain sold over one million of their new vegan chicken burgers - one every three seconds! The move was met with delight from vegans around the country.

The new burger arrived just in time for the start of Veganuary, ideal for participants craving a finger-lickin' meal while sticking to the challenge. Almost exactly a year later, KFC has now announced the vegan burger is here to stay.


The burger - playfully named the Imposter - was initially trialled in London, Bristol, and the Midlands in Summer 2019 and was wildly successful, selling out within four days as demand soared 500% more than was expected. The Imposter is made up of a bespoke Quorn fillet coated in the original batter recipe, flavoured with the signature 11 herbs and spices and squashed into a classic soft-glazed bun, with the additions of vegan mayo and iceberg lettuce.

The company aims to accommodate vegans, flexitarians, and chicken fans alike with the burger, which stays true to the KFC flavours. The item also got the stamp of approval from animal rights group PETA, who were pleased by the plant-based addition to the fast-food chain’s menu, and said that "this new offering from KFC will introduce a new audience to vegan foods".

Many other food chains have joined the vegan movement, launching new menus for Veganuary and the rest of the year, as the number of vegans in the UK continues to increase. McDonald's has launched their 'McPlant' burger, which was developed with the highly popular Beyond Meat, while Burger King has launched their very own vegan nuggets in partnership with Dutch brand The Vegetarian Butcher. BK actually already have a vegan chicken burger - the Vegan Royale - as well as a plant-based Whopper in China. 

It seems that vegan junk food is a trend that's only on the up. So if you're thinking of going vegan, check out our list of the best vegan restaurants in London in London.