McDonald’s vegan menu: What are the vegan options at McDonald's and where to find them

The fast food giant is the latest brand to join in on the veganism trend

Updated on • Written By Caroline Hendry

McDonald’s vegan menu: What are the vegan options at McDonald's and where to find them

McDonald’s has added to its vegan menu with the launch of its first ever vegan burger.

A UK roll out of the McPlant Burger will start from 29 September, with Coventry being the first city to try it out.


However, the official launch will not be until January 1, 2022, to coincide with the beginning of Veganuary. The plant-based burger is the result of three years worth of research and has been created in collaboration with Beyond Meat. The burger is made with pea protein and cooked separately from other McDonald’s items to remove any risk of cross-contamination. Despite being meat-free, the McPlant Burger still clocks in at a pretty hefty 429 calories.

In January of 2020, McDonald’s unveiled its first ever vegan meal with the launch of The Veggie Dippers meal, which features a handful of vegan nuggets which are served with chips and a soft drink.

The veggie dippers are a combination of rice, red peppers, tomato pesto and split peas, which are fried in breadcrumbs. According to a McDonald’s spokesperson, there is no need to worry about cross contamination because the vegan meals will be fried separately from products that contain meat, and served alongside McDonald’s signature chips, which are vegan-friendly.

McDonald's is the latest in a long line of fast casual outlets to experiment with vegan options. Last year, nationwide bakery chain Gregg’s launched a vegan sausage roll, while fried chicken purveyors KFC have also introduced vegan options.

The news was met with praise by animal rights organisation PETA, who said: “A vegan meal - one that doesn't require killing - is the very definition of a happy meal. We'll continue to encourage consumers to vote with their wallets and choose vegan to help spare pigs, cows, and chickens a short, miserable life and a violent death."

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