Dishoom has introduced a secret keyring that gives diners the chance to win their meal for free

Find out how to get your hands on one of the coveted keyrings

Updated on 05 November 2021 • Written By Ellie Donnell

Dishoom has introduced a secret keyring that gives diners the chance to win their meal for free

Known for its bacon naan rolls and famous Chicken Ruby, everyone’s favourite Indian restaurant Dishoom has introduced a very special keyring that gives diners the chance to win their dinner for free.  

We say ‘win’, because the keyring itself doesn’t guarantee a meal on the house. To be in with a chance, keyring-holders must show the powerful item to their waiter or waitress when they ask for the bill. A member of staff will then return with a dice and ask you to roll it. If it lands on a six, congratulations, you’ve won yourself a free meal - drinks and all!  


There’s another catch as well: diners can only use the keyrings before 6pm on Wednesdays. Ok, so this isn’t exactly an ‘everyone’s a winner’ situation, but we still want to be a member of the keyring club.  

How does one apply for one of these magical keyrings? It’s very easy and anyone can ask for one. However, Dishoom has warned that only a small number of keyrings will be dished out to ‘a select number of our friends’, so they’re super exclusive.  

Simply quote the word ‘Matka’ to staff when you visit one of its restaurants, a Hindi word that means pot or cup, then cross your fingers and toes they cough up a keyring. Matka is also a slang word that can refer to Bombay's underground lotteries in the 60s. 

The keyrings are being compared to Nandos’ black card, which also offers diners free meals, and there are several designs available depending on the restaurant you’re at. The Carnaby Street Dishoom, for example, is shaped like a plectrum inspired by the Bombay-London music scene during the 60s, while Dishoom Covent Garden’s offering looks like a copper coin and is engraved with the initials ND, which means ‘New Dishoom’ where the site originated.  

We wish you the best of luck!

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