A famous London chippy will serve battered Quality Street this Christmas

The classic Christmas chocolate is getting a deep-fried makeover

Updated on 05 November 2019 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

A famous London chippy will serve battered Quality Street this Christmas

This Christmas, a famous London chippy will serve up battered Quality Street to diners.

Poppie’s Fish and Chips, which has three locations across the capital in Soho, Spitalfields and Camden, has decided to switch things up this Christmas by introducing deep-fried Quality Street to its otherwise traditional menu of fish and chip dinners.

Available exclusively at the Soho branch on Old Compton Street, Poppie’s will be serving up battered Quality Street from 1 December all the way through to Christmas Day. The unconventional dish features a handful of the legendary chocolates which are deep-fried in batter, with a portion of five costing just £2.50.

The deep-fried Quality Street are available to scoff in store or can be taken away to enjoy at home in a traditional newspaper cone wrapping. Interestingly, the limited-edition serve will feature a random selection of sweets from the tin, which means you might end up with a Quality Street flavour that’s not your favourite, but we guess that is all part of the fun.

To add to the festivities, Poppie’s has also decided to rank the contents of a Quality Street tin from best flavour to worst, but their opinions might prove controversial. The toffee finger tops the ranking (nothing compared to the Strawberry Crème in our opinion), while the ever-popular Green Triangle has been placed at number seven.

All is not lost though, as Poppie’s is inviting guests to create their own rankings in-store to help determine which flavours are really London’s favourite. The shop has also promised that the most popular flavours will be added to the Poppie’s menu permanently, so it’s worth getting down there and giving your opinion.

Earlier this year, Quality Street announced the introduction of a new Chocolate Caramel Brownie flavour to its iconic tins, while it was also revealed that the Toffee Deluxe has been axed from its selection.

The battered Quality Street at Poppie’s Soho is available from 1-25 December.  

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