Quality Street is adding a new chocolate flavour to its iconic tins

But the tins have got smaller

Updated on 10 September 2019 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

Quality Street is adding a new chocolate flavour to its iconic tins

Everyone’s favourite Christmas chocolates, Quality Street, have announced a brand-new flavour that will be added to its tins.

Christmas may still be three months away, but retailers are already turning their thoughts to the festive season. This year, Nestle’s Quality Street will welcome a new addition to its line-up of moreish chocolates, with 2019 being the debut year for the Chocolate Caramel Brownie flavour.

The new sweet boasts a teal blue wrapping and is sure to thrill chocolate lovers, but Quality Street fans might be less impressed by the revelation that tins will shrink yet again this year. Nestle’s standard sized Quality Street tubs have been reduced from 720g to 650g, with tubs hitting the shelves of UK supermarkets this week.

Quality Street has also decided to switch up the ratios of what’s inside its tins, following research which revealed that more consumers favour the chocolate sweets over the toffee ones. That means that this Christmas, you can expect to find 46% chocolate sweets, up from 35% the previous year, while the Toffee Deluxe has been ditched altogether.

It’s a year of change for the brand, who will also be introducing a handful of new products, including a Quality Street advent calendar which will go on sale this autumn. This is joined by three ‘giant’ versions of some of the brand’s most popular sweets, including the Giant Strawberry Creme, the Giant Purple One and the Giant Chocolate Caramel Brownie.

Speaking about the new additions, Quality Street’s senior brand manager Ellie Worley said: “2019 is a huge year for Quality Street. We’ve got a new sweet, a new design and we are developing the brand in all areas ahead of the Christmas season.”

“I know just how much people love Quality Street and we work really hard to find that balance between keeping things fresh but also familiar. We’ve been listening and I think we’ve got the perfect mix this year and made the changes that people have told us they’d like to see.”

Quality Street is hugely popular in the UK during the Christmas season, with the brand’s factory in Halifax, West Yorkshire currently packing 85 tubs or tins every minute, as well as producing 12 million chocolates per day.

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