Some of London’s top restaurants kick-start a new style of marketing campaign with REKKI

This all-new advertising style turns traditional marketing on its head by reinvesting allocated spend with clients rather than unassociated companies

Updated on • Written By Rosie Conroy

Some of London’s top restaurants kick-start a new style of marketing campaign with REKKI

Some of London’s most famous restaurants have had their shutters turned into advertising space by REKKI, a free ordering app for chefs.

The app, which was started back in 2016, allows chefs to order ingredients from a marketplace of thousands of large- and small-scale suppliers. Being keen to re-invest in their hospitality partnerships, REKKI’s most recent advertising campaign sees them spend their marketing budget with restaurants rather than through traditional mediums.

Instead of using tactics like billboard ads or tube posters, REKKI is paying its users to utilise their real estate, which creates a cycle of reinvestment and mutual support. Having paid restaurants such as Mangal 2 in Dalston, Wood & Water in Brixton and Rapsa in Hoxton to use their shutters, REKKI is spreading its message in London across fifteen different sites.


The shutters have been designed by David Anastacio, the brand’s VP of Design, who has created unique designs for each restaurant involved. Some simply read ‘Chefs, REKKI is for you’ while others reference unique elements from the individual restaurants.

The app itself is free for chefs and restaurants to use, with ordering made simple and speedy. The suppliers themselves are then charged a small commission based on sales. Traditionally chefs would have had to create and cultivate relationships with a wide network of producers, who they’d then have to order from individually. REKKI allows kitchens to order seamlessly from one place. Clients already using the app range from Michelin starred restaurants through to cafes and bars.

To be listed on the app suppliers are required to be vetted by the REKKI team as well as be reviewed by chefs themselves. Favourite suppliers include Penshurst Fine Foods, Ted’s Veg of Borough Market, Woods Foodservice, JO Showa (sushi grade fish), O’Shea’s Butchers, Wright Bros Fish, and Seven Seeded Artisan Bakery.

Speaking about the campaign, Ronen Givon, CEO of REKKI and founder of Hummus Bros, said “We created REKKI because restaurants are the most important cultural centres for people living in cities. It is where today's urban societies spend their time out of home to connect with other human beings. After 10 years of running a restaurant chain, we felt the key to making restaurants thrive is through effective purchasing of raw ingredients. REKKI is the product I wish I had at Hummus Bros.”

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