Vegan Magnums have arrived

Can summer hurry up already?

Updated on 04 February 2019 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

Vegan Magnums have arrived

Vegans can now enjoy a Magnum ice lolly beach-side

If you look outside right now, you’re unlikely to see the blazing sunshine that ensured we all lived our best lives last summer. As wind and rain lashes against your office window, it’s hard not to long for the brighter, warmer days of the summer season. The best part about summer sunshine is (obviously) being able to chomp on more ice lollies than you can shake a Cadbury’s flake at. If you’re vegan though, your ice cream options are limited.

Luckily for you, that’s all about to change, thanks to the launch of Magnum’s first vegan ice lolly, which is billed as an ‘iced confection’, so as not to confuse anyone who thinks they’re getting the real deal. The frozen treat swaps out milk for dairy-free chocolate made from coconut oil and cacao butter, and pea protein flavoured with vanilla.

Magnum’s parent company Unilever has described the vegan summertime snack as a “velvety plant-based product” which provides “a creamy experience without the need for dairy” – sounds good to us!

Unfortunately for those following plant-based diets in the UK, Magnum’s vegan iced confection is currently only available on the shimmering shores of Australia. However, we’re pretty confident that the company will set about launching the product globally in the near future.  

For now though, there are a handful of vegan restaurants in London, which serve up dairy-free desserts. Check out some of our favourites below…

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Genesis, Shoreditch

With its all-pink interiors, jokey neon signage and succulents lining the walls, Genesis is a millennial’s paradise, which serves up plant-based junk food. After chowing down on seitan hotdogs, plant-based burgers and vegan chocolate milkshakes, you can tuck into some dairy-free soft serve, topped with the likes of honeycomb and chocolate sauce. Now, that’s guaranteed to satisfy the sweetest of teeth.

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Mildred’s, Soho

Vegetarian and vegan restaurant Mildred’s boasts a handful of sites across the capital, and despite being casual in style (no-bookings and communal tables), this buzzy restaurant serves up some seriously impressive dishes. For a dairy-free dessert that still feels indulgent, opt for the cookie dough sundae which features vanilla ‘ice cream’, and is topped with warm chocolate sauce and a miniature chocolate chip cookie.

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Farmacy, Bayswater

This stylish restaurant serves up delicious plant-based dishes, including the likes of bean burgers and vegan cheeses made from nuts. For dessert, try the so-called ‘nice cream’, which is made using the naturally sweet African tiger nut. Flavours to choose from include vanilla cashew and chocolate, while those looking to really satisfy their sugar cravings can go for the nice cream brownie sundae.

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