The best Chinese restaurants in Birmingham

Where to get your fix of one of the nations favourite cuisines

Updated on 30 August 2019 • Written By Aneesa Anwar

The best Chinese restaurants in Birmingham

It’s one of the nation’s favourite cuisines, but sometimes it can be difficult to find a Chinese Restaurant that is really worth giving a visit. Sure you could just order a takeaway and eat it in the comfort of your own home, but sometimes it is nice to go and experience a slice of Chinese culture in the UK. Thankfully there isn’t a shortage of Chinese restaurants in Britain, and Birmingham happens to have a host of them all over the city that are well worth leaving your sofa for.

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Why: For the ultimate modern Chinese experience, Tattu has paired contemporary and cool interiors with an extensive menu of everyone’s favourites; think crispy duck and pancakes, sweet and sour Iberico, and prawn toast. The cocktails are also a must try with the likes of its Geisha’s Secret cocktail or the Lucky Number 8 drink which pairs chili and chocolate infused rum and bourbon. Every room is unbelievably instagrammable too, so you can eat great Chinese food and get some great pics too. It’s a win win.
Where: 17 Barwick Street, B3 2NT

Henry Wong

Why: From the outside this restaurant may seem more like any other mid-range modern European restaurant, but Henry Wong actually specialises in Cantonese cuisine. On the menu you’ll find soft shell crab with chilli and garlic, steamed dim sum and Cantonese-style sizzling beef. Inside this restaurant is decked out in red with quirky buddha art and tables that feature lazy Susans so you don’t have to reach across the table to get your favourite dish. It has a gluten free menu too, so it's ideal for those with dietary requirements.
Where: 283 High Street, B17 9QH

Chung Ying

Why: Having been opened in Birmingham for over 30 years Chung Ying is somewhat legendary in the Birmingham area. Said to be the restaurant that created Birmingham’s answer to Chinatown it now has three locations in the city. Specialising in cuisine from Hong Kong, Chung Ying has managed to find the perfect balance between pleasing the Western audiences of Birmingham while still keeping true to its Chinese roots and cooking methods. You can order the likes of beef and chicken in black bean sauce and kung pao scallops. It also does a brunch menu featuring dim sum and congee rice pudding.
Where: 283 High Street, B17 9QH

Ming Moon

Why: There is something about buffet restaurants that sends people into a frenzy - all you can eat food brings out a different side of people (and not always a good one). However, if you can restrain yourself around endless amounts of Chinese food mixed in with the occasional push or shove from a 12-year-old child, Ming Moon’s buffet is the place to go. No one will judge you for eating ten plates of sweet and sour chicken or crispy duck here, and that in itself may be the main reason it is worth giving it a visit. They have a karaoke bar too, so if you haven’t lulled yourself into a food coma, head downstairs to sing your heart out.
Where: 16 Hurst Street, B5 4BN

Wing Wah

Why: Before you even walk into Wing Wah you are greeted with a red carpet and lots of sparkles. The inside is even more glamourous and in your face, in a way that only restaurants of this kind can get away with and still look fun and inviting. The food is traditionally what you would expect from a Chinese restaurant and includes dim sum and beef in black bean sauce. They even do an afternoon tea if you fancy shunning the traditional and going for something a little bit different.
Where: 8 Wrottesley Street, B5 4RT

Wok Chi

Why: Focussing on high-quality ingredients, this family-owned Chinese restaurant serves up food like you might make it at home (if you were perhaps a really good cook). The minimal light wood décor and menu boards give it a casual but fun vibe and the line up features the likes of veggie spring rolls, lime and wasabi seafood rice, and a classic stir fry with your choice of meat, and a base of either rice or chow mein. This is the ideal place to stop if its quick and tasty Chinese food you are after.
Where: 135 High St, B17 9NP

Café Soya

Why: As part of the Arcadian Centre in the Chinese Quarter of Birmingham, Café Soya offers up a fusion of Asian cuisines with a focus on Chinese food. On its extensive menu expect to find the likes of tofu skewers, wonton dumpling soup and chilli pepper squid fried rice. Its pretty exterior, reminiscent of cafes in China, is also worth visiting for.
Where: Arcadian Centre, Pershore Street, B5 4TD

Dezhou Style Braised Noodles

Why: Featured on the BBC for its ancient noodle making technique, Dezhou Style Braised Chicken specialises in, you guessed it: Braised chicken. Although this is the restaurant's signature dish make sure you give the homemade noodles a try too. All created from scratch in-house, you can watch them be cut and stretched to size through a small window that looks into the kitchen, which makes kilometres of noodley goodness in a day. You can then enjoy them in one of the signature braised chicken noodle soups.
Where: 70 Hurst Street, B5 4ST

New Sum Ye

Why: When it comes down to it, the best Chinese food is the most simple. At New Sum Ye both the décor and food are just that. With a host of glistening roasted meats in the window, you can order your choice of one, or as many as you fancy on top of a bed of fluffy white rice with crunchy pak choi. This dish has been raved about by the many customers that have visited, however if you want something a little fancier they have barbeque spare ribs with a choice of sauces and crispy won ton dumplings too.
Where: Arcadian Centre, 70 Hurst St, B5 4TD

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