17 of the best pink gin brands to try this year

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17 of the best pink gin brands to try this year

Original doesn’t always mean best, and one prime example of such a school of thought is pink gin. This glorious creation has so many qualities plain old gin just can’t compete with. If we’re starting from the top, pink gin is just about the most Instagrammable drink out there thanks to its rosy hue, so if you’re after something that looks as good as it tastes we don’t think it gets better. Secondly, the best pink gin is bottled beautifully, making it the perfect gift for a loved one (even if that loved one is your very good self). And thirdly – but not lastly, we could go on – pink gin comes in myriad of glorious flavours like raspberry, rose and grapefruit.

Because there are so many pink gin brands out there it can be hard to narrow down your choices, which is where we felt the need to step in. Life is too short to buy bad drinks. With that in mind we’ve tried and tested some of the best pink gins in the UK to come up with our definitive list below. Each bottle has been hand-picked for its personal perks – whether that’s a unique design, an unusual flavour combination or an excellent price point.


While you can of course drink pink gin on the rocks, it also makes a fantastic base to lots of delicious cocktails, making it a heavyweight multitasker in your drinks cabinet. Simply served with a premium tonic it jazzes up a G&T nicely (we like ours with a slice of grapefruit, if you’re asking) or else you can go to town and create a pink gin fizz. This surprisingly simple drink only requires some simple sugar syrup, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a top of your favourite bubbles, finished off with your pick of the gins below.

Distil-31 Goose Neck Rhubarb Gin, £34.99

A lovely light pink, this gin gets plus points on both aesthetics and its nuanced flavour profile. Made by Virgin Wines, this attractive bottle is repeatedly a sell-out, so if you see it’s available and want to try it, we’d recommend acting quicky. Classic gin botanicals like juniper and cassia bark are complimented here with tangy rhubarb for a drink that tastes fresh and fruity with the background warmth of gentle spicing.
Buy it: very.co.uk


Edinburgh Pink Gin, £39.50

Popular distillery Edinburgh Gin has released the perfect bottle if you’re looking for a romantic gesture with their limited-edition Valentine’s Gin. This sip is so good that we don’t think it should be solely reserved for the 14th of Feb, it would also make a lovely anniversary gift or a sweet surprise any other day of the week. The signature flavours of the brand are still there, but there’s a gentle infusion of rose petals and hibiscus flowers too which makes it perfect for including in cocktails that have floral notes.
Buy it: harveynichols.com

Malfy Gin Rosa, £28

For a premium pink gin that makes a delicious long drink we love Malfy Gin Rosa. Produced in Italy it uses pink grapefruit peels sourced from Sicily to create its subtle sunset hue. Working with the bitter citrus flavours of grapefruit is the addition of rhubarb which introduces that wonderful sweet shop tangy fizz. Enjoy this one as an aperitif before dinner, which of course – if you’re doing things properly – should be preceded by cicchetti and then include a big plate of pasta.
Buy it: tesco.com

Mermaid Pink Gin, £35.80

Chances are you’ve already seen Mermaid Gin on your Instagram, thanks to the standout scale design of its bottle which has made it a favourite of social media users. Distilled and bottled on The Isle of Wight, Mermaid Pink gin is tinted using the island’s homegrown strawberries which give it a sweet, playful flavour profile. To temper the sweeter notes there’s the addition of saline-rich rock samphire and zesty Sicilian lemons which bring a seaside freshness and make it a delicious instant cocktail – simply pour over ice, add tonic (and a few strawberry slices if you’re feeling fancy) and you’re set.
Buy it: masterofmalt.com

Stockholms Bränneri Pink Gin, £35.95

This pink gin is wonderfully restrained in a typical Scandi lean. With just the slightest hint of a pink tinge, this the makers say is inspired by the summer skies in Sweden. Using locally sourced ingredients to add both colour and flavour, the Stockholms Bränneri distillery use foraged lingonberries as well as rose petals and rhubarb. The results are floral and fruity with a distinct sherbet edge.
Buy it: masterofmalt.com

Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin

The Chase team describes their pink gin as zippy and zesty, and that’s thanks to two key flavours – grapefruit and lime. This duo of citrus flavours creates a refreshing, clean and crisp taste that builds on top of the signature juniper spicing. Served chilled over ice with a good measure of premium tonic, this is our go-to summer serve.
Buy it: waitrose.com

Three Wrens Rhubarb Gin, £34.45

Made in England, this pink gin is distilled in the heart of Cheshire. Bold spices like cassia, cinnamon and juniper are at its heart, with spiky notes of fresh ginger mellowed out by sweet orange peel. The distinctive rhubarb flavour is what is left in your mouth with every sip and makes it really moreish. We like this one with slices of fresh ginger and a few raspberries for a finely tuned G&T.
Buy it: thewhiskyexchange.com

Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin, £40

This sweet and spicy pink gin is flavoured with strawberries and aromatic black peppercorns, which nicely take the edge off things for a drink that retains its freshness and even has a slight lemony edge. The classic hint of juniper remains in the background making this the perfect spirit for a traditional G&T. Additionally, the additional aromatics mean even the simplest of pours seems almost like a cocktail, and it makes a wonderful topper on a glass of fizz too. We love that Bullards also run an eco-project, where they offer refill bags for you to top up your original bottle with, and encourage you to return any old pouches too – ensuring everything gets reused and recycled.
Buy it: bullardsspirits.co.uk 


Tarquin’s Hibiscus and Lemon Gin, £36

Made in Cornwall, this gorgeous summery drink will transport you to sunny seaside days, whatever the weather. Distilled with a unique blend or rose, lemon and hibiscus petals, this pink gin is distinctly floral and makes a wonderful base for all sorts of fruity cocktails as well as a nice way to liven up your G&T. Each bottles comes with a free Fever Tree tonic to get you started too.
Buy it: shop.tarquinsgin.com 


Victory Pink Gin, £33.95

Unlike most pink gins, this iteration from the Victory distillery in London doesn’t garner its colour from rhubarb, raspberries or rose. Instead, this unusual pink gin is made with the addition of verjus, which is essentially unripe grape juice. This twist gives it a tart edge while red fruits also come through for a well-rounded cranberry-like flavour. Additionally, we love the unusual and striking bottle design, which is sure to jazz up any drinks cupboard and makes a delightful gift.
Buy it: masterofmalt.com

Cheshire Grins Pink Prosecco Gin, £29.95

Combining two of our favourite things, this bottle was always going to make our list of best pink gins in the UK. Both the flavours of gin and the flavour of prosecco are amalgamated to make one seamless serve. Aside from the expected flavour profiles of the aforementioned drinks, there is also a hint of sweet strawberry, fragrant vanilla and soft peaches. Juniper adds a classic dry finish to help avoid everything becoming too cloying.
Buy it: masterofmalt.com

Didsbury Elderflower and Raspberry Gin, £38

Made using 100% fresh fruit, you can really taste every ingredient in this distinctive pink gin.
The process begins with a maceration of British raspberries before a light pressé of elderflower is added for a wonderfully floral finish. A citrus tang and heady juniper help strike the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. We love this served neat over ice, for a digestive post-supper.
Buy it: harveynichols.com

Stockport Gin Pink Edition, £37.95

This award-winning gin combines a trio of fresh fruits for a sweet, summery feel. Raspberries, strawberries and pomegranate are used in the distillation process to give it its delicate pink colouring and moreish red fruits finish. The sweet stubby bottle and elegant label design help give this pink gin a premium feel, making it ideal for gifting.
Buy it: masterofmalt.com

Salcombe Gin Rose Sainte Marie Gin, £40

With sleek packaging and premium ingredients, this is a luxury pink drink best served straight up on ice or in a spritz cocktail. First you’ll notice the natural sweetness of strawberries before getting angelica and fresh citrus. A further ten botanicals include lemon verbena, orange blossoms and rose petals for one of the smoothest, most complex pink gins on the market.
Buy it: salcombegin.com

Hoxton Gunpowder Rosehip, £25.93

The name here references the gunpowder tea which makes up half of the two main flavour profile in this pink gins. The other half of the delicious duo is rosehips which impart their wonderfully floral, slightly sour notes into the drink. Chamomile and elderflower build the bouquet and you finish on liquorice and grapefruit which cut through the sweetness for a distinctive aromatic drink.
Buy itmasterofmalt.com

Herno pink gin, £39.99

Like a dessert in a drink, this Swedish pink gin is a delicate balance of strawberry, rose, vanilla and cinnamon. For a crisp, summery serve simply top up with tonic over ice, or for something a little more special – and to enhance the existing flavours in the gin – mix with a rose tonic.
Buy it: selfridges.com

Pink Marmalade Colour Changing Gin, £30

Getting its name from the distillery's unusual signature ingredient, Pink Marmalade gin has a refreshing zestyness to it. Made using organic botanicals, this premium gin comes beautifully packaged in a colourful bottle and also provides an added moment of magic when you add your tonic. Watch your gin turn from light blue to rose pink before you even have a chance to start drinking.
Buy it: pinkmarmaladegin.co.uk

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