The best beer subscription clubs: 15 companies that bring the brew to you

Bringing the brew to you, these beer subscription clubs are the perfect way to keep your fridge full of the good stuff

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The best beer subscription clubs: 15 companies that bring the brew to you

It used to be that to get a good pint you’d have to make a pilgrimage to your local. While we’re all for keeping pubs propped up (there’s literally nothing quite like a proper British boozer), we also love a night in with an ice-cold brew for company. Saving us a trip to the highstreet, the best beer subscriptions offer routine deliveries of drinks from small-scale, craft breweries. The results are a brewers’ dozen or two landing on your doorstep every month and is a bit like having your very own craft beer concierge.

We’re always fans of leaving things up to the experts, and all of our selections below are carefully curated by passionate expert-led teams. Each brand meticulously scours the UK and further afield to bring customers unusual, exclusive or boutique beers so that you receive so much more than you could realistically hunt down yourself. When it comes to picking the best beer subscription there’s no one size fits all, with each of our top picks having been selected for different reasons. Some show off purely British brands, while others come with artisanal snacks and extras like online live tastings or competition opportunities.


While a beer subscription is a great way to treat yourself, it also makes the perfect gift to have in your armoury for those tricky customers who are nearly impossible to buy for. If you know anyone who enjoys a bottle or two of beer, they’re sure to love getting a regular fix courtesy of you each month. It’s a regular reminder that you think they’re great, and crucially it cuts out the need for any wrapping, packing, or posting on your part. What we’re saying is that it’ll make you look extra thoughtful without you having to do too much more than entering your bank details. We’re all about that low maintenance life.

Braybrooke Lager Club

Set up by three passionate pals, Braybrooke brews properly good lager in the heart of the English countryside. Aside from the drinks themselves, which are far-reaching and of a really high calibre, Braybrook’s bottles are presented in a smart, slick way with attractive artwork labels and pleasingly retro brown bottles. The combination of these things means the Braybrooke beer subscription is just as good for a special gift as a treat to yourself. For £35 a month you’ll receive 12 mixed bottles plus early access to new beers, a discount on the regular shop plus gifts, newsletters, and invites to member events. The flexible nature of this one means you can pause or cancel at any time.
Buy it, £35,

Beavertown Skullscription boxes

Beer bods are sure to love this concise subscription service that a selection of Beavertown’s favourite brews up for grabs. Pick between receiving straight up lagers, IPAs or pale ales, or go for a mix of all good things with the ‘Core Beers’ mixed crate. Each month you’ll receive 24 cans of your chosen beers for £45. Alternatively, if you’re a commitment-phobe – you’re able to buy a one-off box for £50.
But it from £45,

BREWSER Beer Subsciption

While many beer subscriptions put the decision making in the company’s hands, BREWSER allow their members to tailor their own selection. So, instead of being sent a mix of mystery beers, you’re in charge of picking between 'showcase' boxes put together by some of the UK’s best independent breweries. Whichever one you pick, the beers come directly to you from the breweries' cold stores - cutting out the middle man and giving you the freshest brew possible. There are all kinds of options – from more well-known craft brands through to micro-operations, and the detailed descriptions ensure it’s easy to narrow things down to drinks you’ll really love. We enjoyed the whole process of working our way through the beer library to take our pick of a favourite, and found sign up, delivery (and crucially, drinking!) ever so easy.
Buy it, from £38 per month,

Hoppily Craft Beer Club

With the choice between eight or ten different beers each month, Hoppily lets you pick a package to suit your household and specialises in small-batch beers. The dedication to boutique brewers means you’ll receive bottles or cans of things you aren’t likely to spot on supermarket shelves, and you’ll even get a bonus birthday bottle come your big day. The perfect way to toast another spin around the sun. Example brands used include One Mile End Brewery, Moncada Brewing and Signature Brew. Like your drinks strong? No problem, the Hoptacular box gives you an upgrade to premium beers that have been specially selected for their bold flavours and punchy ABV.
Buy it, from £30 per month,

Best of British Beer Club

Proudly independent, Best of British Beer – funnily enough – exclusively works with UK-based breweries. The team are passionate about scouring our fair isle for both existing and emerging brands, and consistently look to include new and exciting beers in their range. You can choose to pay monthly or plump for a three-, six- or 12-month subscription depending on preference. Each month you bottles come with tasting notes to help elevate the experience of enjoying each drink, and there’s even a little pub quiz thrown in for good measure. Cider fans are catered for too, by way of their artisan cider boxes.
Buy it, from £40 per month,

Honest Brew Subscription

Signing up to Honest Brew’s subscription gives you access to the brand’s range while also giving you a bit of a discount – it’s a win, win. Plus, they pledge satisfaction via their Taste Guarantee where they’ll refund you if you don’t like any of the beers you’re delivered. With no tying contracts, you’re free to select a membership with Honest Brew and cancel at any time. We also like that you can either build you own box (specifically picking all the beers you want included) or leave things up to the experts, allowing the team to curate a collection for you. Deliveries are made monthly and for this Honest Brew subscription you have the pick of six, nine or 12 beers in each delivery.
Buy it, from £10 a month,

Craft Metropolis Pre-Made Boxes

Ideal for a gift, Craft Metropolis allow you to buy one off craft beer boxes that range from 12 cans through to a bumper box of two dozen drinks. Without tying you into any rolling contracts, if you want to commit to a longer term plan, you can simply build a box every month. The difference here is that the curation is entirely in your hands, so you know you’ll be getting your perfect pack. Online there’s a vast selection of carefully selected bottles and cans, and each one comes with detailed tasting notes to ensure you’re making an informed decision on your next month’s tipples. There’s a good selection of both tried and tested favourites as well as emerging new brews to keep things interesting.
Buy it, from £49.95,

Beacon & Buck

If you like to stick to one style, Beacon & Buck’s offering is perfect. The team here sort their beverages into three categories – Light and Crisp, Fresh and Easy, Big and Juicy – so that you get the kinds of beers you really love to drink. If you’re not sure which one’s for you, there’s even a fun taste test online that will help you to narrow things down via a series of short questions. Working exclusively with independent suppliers means you get fantastic beers that can be hard to track down on the high street, and from just £24 a month for eight beers, Beacon & Buck offer one of the best value boxes on the market. Fancy a few more jars? You can up your quantities to 12 or 20 beers if you prefer.
Buy it, from £20,

BeerBods by Beer Hawk

BeerBods boasts the accolade of being the UK’s leading beer subscription and claim to be the original (and - they say - best!) beer club about. We’d tend to agree that they do have a bit of something special in their offering which includes a live tasting every Thursday. At this event you’ll join over seven thousand other beer fans to make your way through a new bottle, mulling over tasting notes and anecdotes about the brewing process and more. You’re told which of your beers you’ll be drinking each week so you can save it for the tasting and the event is live at 9pm. There’s a £10 four-week trial which is a great way to dip your toe in the water without having to commit to a long-term relationship with BeerBods, and if you like it and decide to go steady you’ll receive eight beers every eight weeks for £24.
Buy it, From £24,

Flavourly Beer Club

Giving you more beer for your buck, Flavourly outstrips the competition on value. With this beer subscription you’ll receive 30 craft beers every month (or every two or every three months, if you prefer) for £39.95 including delivery – which works out at just £1.33 a beer. Not bad. Also, if you join the Subscribe & Save Club your loyalty for repeat orders is rewarded with even lower prices. You still get small batch craft beers, so quality isn’t compromised despite the fair price point, and you can cancel anytime you want if you fancy taking a break. On top of all the usuals you’ll also get a monthly magazine which delves into more detail on certain brews plus an artisan snack to accompany your drinks with – because what’s a beer without a packet of nuts or a bag of crisps?
Buy it, from £32.95,

Beer52 Craft Beer Discovery Club

Promising that you’ll never drink the same beer twice, the Beer52 crew have their work cut out to keep on top of sourcing high-quality brews from across the world. Monthly boxes are themed around a country, specific geographical area, or city, with previous groupings including a collection of Croatian ferments as well as a curation of beers from Chicago. Throw in a magazine packed with features and a special snack each month and you’ve got the recipe for a pretty satisfying subscription. Each box is packed with eight bottles and costs £24. Plus, there’s the choice to tailor your choices between a mixed case of light and dark beers or a strictly light beers selection. A no ties commitment means you can pause or cancel any time, and if you don’t like any of the beers the team promises to give you your money back.
Buy it, from £24,

Camden Town Brewery Subscription Boxes

If you’re someone who just knows what you like that likes what you know, this subscription offers the familiarity of a routine round up of bottles each month. You’re guaranteed to get 12 of the large Arsenal Hells Larger each month, which is one of the brand’s most popular Pilsners and is reassuringly refreshing. Each box is £35 a month and free delivery is included, plus you can pause or cancel any time (which is great if you’re a commitment-phobe). As well as your bog-standard bottles you’ll also receive rewards, access to competitions, online discounts and offers that you can redeem at partner pubs out there in the real world.
Buy it, from £35,

Borough Box Beer Boxes

While Borough Box doesn’t strictly offer beer subscriptions, it does hold a great selection of tasting packs which you can select from each month. This free-flowing option means lots of variation and access to some of the best small-time breweries in the country. One of our favourites is the Beer Tasting Box which gives you 12 x 500ml bottles from Great Newsome Brewery – an award-winning beer producer in East Yorkshire. With package options from just £11.50, this is great for low-cost gifts, and there’s the option to add boxes from elsewhere on the site too which opens up a whole new load of hampers. Our two pence worth? Letterbox snack packs are the ideal accompaniment to an ice-cold brew.
Buy it, prices vary,

Brewgooder Subscription

If you’ve ever known the pain of heading to the fridge only to be faced with disappointment, you need a beer subscription from Brewgooder. This flexible offering is tailored to you and will keep your stores topped up. Happily, buying from Brewgooder also means you’ll be donating your hard-earned pennies to hard working charities. The business supports projects with a focus on getting clean water to the areas and people that need it the most. They also hold themselves up to high standards within their own practices, making sure they're accountable for all their actions and approaches. Back to the subscription and from £20 you’ll receive 12 cans of your chosen beer each month, with options including a crisp and zesty lager, a hoppy and light session IPA, and a fresh and fruity tropical pale ale.
Buy it, from £20,

Hop Burns & Black All Killer No Filler Beer Subscription Box

With the lofty promise to only include the best of the best beers, Hop Burns & Black delivers 12 different beers to each of their subscribers every month. With special attention paid to small batch collaborations, this is a nice way to try more unusual brews. The brand also works regularly on exclusives for really special serves and has an interest in hunting down international rarities too. The best bit is the discount buying in bulk gets you, with each box reduced by up to 20% versus if you bought each beer individually. Tasting notes and reviews accompany the selection, as well as food pairing suggestions complete with recipes for an all-round experiential partnership.
Buy it, from £52.95,

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