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Pasha - phot accueil - 2007

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Pasha closed permanently on 4 June 2018

To call Pasha ‘romantic’ hardly does the place justice; it is out-and-out lascivious. This sumptuous Moroccan restaurant on Gloucester Road is a riot of brass and lush red fabrics with a veritable garden of rose petals scattered over every conceivable surface – so it’s probably not the kind of place for entertaining your boss. The sultry atmosphere is ratcheted up in an array of private booths where diners can feast on mezze-style ‘kemia’ dishes from North Africa including jawaneh shwa (char-grilled ginger and lemon confit chicken wings) and mains such as s’csou darna (braised lamb neck, chicken oysters and merguez sausage with couscous). Sadly, the food doesn’t always match the glamorous setting, with gripes about ‘tasteless, poorly cooked’ offerings clouding the picture; the high-decibel belly-dancing music can also make conversation ‘almost impossible’.

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1 Gloucester Road , London SW7 4PP

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Food & Drink: 3.7


Service: 3.7


Atmosphere: 5.4


Value: 2.9

Food + drink: 0

Service: 2

Atmosphere: 2

Value: 0

05 April 2011

A Friday night out with six friends should be one of fun and great food. The concept sounded tantalisin, but in reality turned out to be an expensive disappointment.  Firstly the waiter got the drink order wrong, which didn't bode well. Secondly we were given a selection of bread and tomato soup in an espresso cup but was not informed that we would have to pay a cover charge on top of service charge.  The starters were reasonable, but three of us ordered chicken tagine. The chicken tagine lacked favour and didn't have the traditional tagine spices associated with the dish.  The chicken was not browned and the potatoes were advertised as being saffroned but were in fact just boiled.  We complained to the manager, to which he informed us that the lack of spice was because the pasha catered for the Chelsea tastes buds.  He refused to accept our complaint and stated that he did not care to listen to our comments.   


Food + drink: 2

Service: 2

Atmosphere: 3

Value: 1

04 January 2011

Starters were OK main dishes were tasteless and poorly cooked such as the chicken being dry soggy chicken skin and also appeared to have the left over starters reappear on the plate (the sausages as one had a nibble in I know it was mine and appeared back on my friends plate!). I went out of my way to taste as many of the dishes. The belly dancing music was so loud I could not talk to the person next to me ( a good job as it was my girlfriend ). The wine list was poor and over priced £45 for an OK Burgundy and arround £5 for a beer. We paid around £900 for a rather poor meal and then were charged £10 for a slice of cake with a candle in after just paying for the main meal. Don’t bother going here but go to a quality restaurant as there are plenty in London without gimmicks but serve good Moroccan food.


Food + drink: 1

Service: 1

Atmosphere: 2

Value: 0

24 September 2010

I always check the restaurant reviews before I go.I read lots of very bad reviews,but I was kind of curious to see how bad they are. The restaurant looks very nice ,BUT The service was very slow and pussy. The food was very bland and very small portion,so all the dishes at the restaurant are very pricey. We only had four starters,one main, four drinks=£90!!(include service charge and cover charge) After starters, We had to wait 20mins to get Main! They didn't apologize at all. Their attidude was very poor, They seemed “ Don't care”. If you want to have Good Moroccan food, Don't go there! It was very unpleasent experience that I've ever had.