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11-12 The Cardamom Building , London, SE1 2YR

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Not much changes at this Indian veteran, which has been peddling its wares to a loyal crowd for more than 15 years. Inside, the decor now seems quaintly old-fashioned – a rather faded mirror of better times, despite the crisp white tablecloths & polished crockery. The Clipper thali is a popular order, comprising deep-fried chicken ‘65’, chicken tikka, mushroom ‘lollipops’, onion bhaji & shish kebab – a king’s spread fit for four hungry mouths. Otherwise, dishes such as chicken or lamb biryani flavoured with saffron are worth seeking out, along with southern-style fish or crab curry inspired by the flavours & cuisines of Kerala & Goa. There are cocktails & some light-drinking wines to cut through the heat & spice, though most opt for Mongoose or Cobra beer.

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11-12 The Cardamom Building , London SE1 2YR


020 7357 9001

Opening times

Mon-Fri, Sun 12N-2.30pm (Sun -4pm) Mon-Sun 6-11.30pm

Bengal Clipper's Reviews


Food & Drink: 6.6


Service: 5.6


Atmosphere: 6.6


Value: 6.4


Food + drink: 2

Service: 1

Atmosphere: 2

Value: 2

Silver Reviewer
28 February 2012

what has happened to this place, last time i reviewed was excellent, seems u can have to much of a good thing. i went with my wife on a saturday night 7pm, was deserted. staff were sloppy, seemed more interested in talking to each other than serving us. We orderd 2 clipper treats, 45 mins later!! they turned up, i was on the verge of walking out, they apologised and said there fryer was broken, it tasted ok, but not up to usual standard. main i had butter chicken, it was poor completetly overseasoned and far to salty, my wife had a prawn curry, it was average. my local indian in rickmansworth is spectacular and half the price, i dont think i will be going back £110 for 2 is just to steep and for that money i want great things, a real shame. i will go back in a few months , maybe i just had a bad night!


Food + drink: 5

Service: 5

Atmosphere: 5

Value: 5

09 June 2010

Both my wife and I visited the Bengal Clipper for dinner while in London on holiday a few weeks back. We were thoroughly impressed with the entire restaurant and its decor. We've both have eaten at many Indian restaurants over the years and we were highly impressed with the Clipper. But our evening wasn't complete until we were presented with the Murg Sagrana, we were both impressed with the presentation, but once we began to eat it, it was simply heaven. Going online I've noticed that several restaurants advertise this dish in the London area, but alas nothing close to my home here in Orlando. Both my wife and I are sadden to the fact we may not be able to enjoy this dish again until we're in London once again, and I'm sure the Clipper will be our first dinner stop once we arrive.


Food + drink: 3

Service: 3

Atmosphere: 3

Value: 3

Platinum Reviewer
30 April 2010

The menu is vast, but is disappointingly not as ‘Bengali’ as I had hoped, however there is plenty to suit all tastes from the softer coconut-laden Keralan specialties of Southern India to the more robust dishes of the North. I admittedly played it safe to begin with opting for a ‘Clipper Treat’ which is a selection of Tandoor cooked meats, including duck, chicken, diced lamb, fish and lamb mince kebabs, which although pleasant enough, were not overly impressive. Some meats were more tender than others, but I think it was my companion’s starter choice that was more of a let down. Curiously named ‘Mushroom Lollipops’ – the name alone being enough to put me off really – and at first sight were as far removed from their comically-named descriptive as they could possibly hope to be. Three bulbous, deep-fried, paneer-stuffed button mushrooms, with very little flavour, did nothing to excite my palate I’m afraid. I was left confused as to the ‘Lollipop’ reference as I was expecting to see a lolly stick with a mushroom on the end of it. Personally I hate it when food is given funny little names, if something is truly good, then there is no need to give it a cutesy label. I began by trying the ‘Chefs Special’ chicken curry, which looks suspiciously neon in colour and although not lacking in flavour by any means, is like a spicier version of chicken tikka masala, yet with that familiar, almost ketchuppy, after-taste. The chicken breast was cut into thin strips, making it more chewy than tender. Not bad overall, but not something I would necessarily feel compelled to order in the future. My Sathkari Gosht looks enticing and my first mouthful is of tender lamb with a fiercely bitter lime after-taste, than was a tad too intense and just overpowered the other components of the dish. However the aubergine dish was very nice, not overly spiced and a great accompaniment to the meal. The Dal Tarka, whilst rich, creamy and brimming with well spiced black lentils, had an unappetising ‘film’ on the surface which reminded me of school-dinner style rice pudding. Although the staff were attentive and friendly enough and drinks were served at the speed of light, food service was quite slow. I wouldn’t say it was a bad meal and should I ever be in the locality craving spicy food, I would probably stop by again, although perhaps choose a little more carefully this time.

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