London venue 15Hatfields hosts first ever completely palm oil free event

And the award goes to 15Hatfields for successfully pulling off the first, 100% palm oil free event.

Updated on 28 April 2023 • Written By Cameryn Aubin

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London venue 15Hatfields hosts first ever completely palm oil free event

London event venue 15Hatfields has planned and executed its first ever palm oil free event in a bid to further develop its sustainability goals.  

Behind the scenes of Covenzis Educations' 2023 National MAT awards, 15Hatfields (recent awardee of the Greengage Sustainability Champion of the Year Award) once again showcased why it is one of the most sustainable events venues in London. Successfully hosting this palm oil free event.

We hope that by shining a spotlight on the palm oil problem, we can ultimately educate, de-myth, and create a groundswell of change not only in the way the sector operates, but among supply chains.’ 15Hatfields' general manager Warren Campbell explained.


Palm oil, the most consumed oil in the world, is almost impossible to avoid in the supermarket - whether it be in cosmetics and cleaning products or food and beverages. Its extraction, production and consumption has led to major deforestation, threatening wildlife and increasing levels of greenhouse gases around the world.

15Hatfields is dedicated to advancing its commitments to the UN Sustainable development goals and is keen to reduce its own impact on deforestation and global warming. From its central South Bank location the venue decided to eliminate palm oil in any form from the MAT awards, an event where the team hosted 150 black-tie adorned guests on Thursday 23 March 2023.

Guests eating dinner at 15Hatfields for the MAT awards

The canapes, beverages and three-course dinner, prepared in partnership with Boulevard Events, were meticulously planned out far in advance to ensure each and every ingredient adhered to the no-palm oil constraint. Taking on the difficult task of auditing and securing palm oil alternatives, its efforts were nonetheless met with great success.

Matt McDermott, director at Convenzis Education was extremely happy with the outcome expressing that, we are always impressed with 15Hatfields' innovative approach and commitment to sustainability, so were delighted when they suggested that the National MAT Awards should be completely palm oil free, and were extremely pleased with the result.’

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