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Recognise Marcus from MasterChef? Here's everything you need to know about the celebrity chef.

Birthday: 29 June 1970

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Chef Marcus Wareing is a British celebrity chef who runs a clutch of restaurants in the capital and regularly stars on high-profile television programmes.

Having been born in Lancashire in 1907, Wareing grew up in a down-to-earth hardworking family. Marcus Wareing’s father was a fruit and veg seller who the chef credits for having inspired his determination to pursue a demanding career with long hours.

Marcus Wareing’s initial talent in the kitchen was uncovered while still at high school where he excelled at cookery, he then went on to study for a three-year qualification with City & Guilds at Southport College to build on his knowledge base. Wareing’s first professional job out of college was under chef Anton Edelmann at the Savoy Hotel in London at age 18. Following on from such a prestigious stage, the chef then moved to Le Gavroche, a Michelin starred restaurant run by renowned chef Albert Roux. It was here Wareing first met Gordon Ramsay, who he worked under for 15 years, often being touted as Ramsay’s protegee. The pair were close, with Ramsay being the best man at Wareing’s wedding and even being afforded the honour of godfather to Wareing’s eldest child. The duo eventually fell out though, an argument which has been the centre of a lot of media attention and a rift that Wareing claims was all his own doing.

Latterly, following the chef’s high-end experience, he took on a role with MasterChef: The Professionals, judging and mentoring the contestants on the famous BBC TV show. He is widely regarded as a fair but firm critic with a formidable knowledge of his subject. Wareing is no stranger to the camera, having starred on many programmes before and since, most notably Boiling Piont, a documentary which followed his experience working under Gordon Ramsay, his time at Petrus and the moment he was awarded his first Michelin star. Other screen appearances include moments on The Great British Menu.

Marcus Wareing runs two restaurants in London, which are MARCUS – his eponymous Michelin starred restaurant – and The Gilbert Scott. He also previously co-ran Tredwells with Chantelle Nicholson, a venture which the latter now heads up solo. 

In Wareing’s personal life he is father to three children – Jake, Archie and Jessie – who he jointly parents alongside his wife Jane, who he met while working at luxury Sussex hotel Gravetye Manor. 

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"There’s only one dish I’ve ever eaten that was perfect. It was my very own egg custard tart that I cooked on the Great British Menu. When the three judges tasted it, they all sat back in their seats and were transported to their childhood. It was time-travel on a plate. The only score possible was a 10."
"There's one thing my old man taught me and it's the best thing he taught me. It wasn't education at college or university – it was common sense."