Opening on 20 November in a six-storey art deco building, Mortimer House is designed to combine work with wellbeing. Primarily, it’s a co-working members club, but some of the creative meeting spaces and dining rooms within will also be available for private hire. 

Mortimer House

Inside, it couldn’t be more on trend. There’s an excellent amount of greenery from huge potted plants and small cacti. There’s a meditation studio for four people, plenty of chic furnishings, and in the main restaurant’s light and bright conservatory (which seats groups of 20), there’s a whole section on the breakfast menu dedicated to avocado.

The penthouse-style Loft and Gallery is our pick for parties

On top of the meditation room and the conservatory, the top floor Loft and Gallery can be booked by event organisers for a reception of 100 guests. For groups of eight, choose from one of the meeting rooms which include the Drawing Room, the Kitchen Table, and the private dining room.

Mortimer House

The penthouse-style Loft and Gallery is our pick of the lot for celebrations and parties, with a walk-up bar for cocktail service, a balcony with outdoor seating and modern art on the walls and in the bookcases.

For smaller meetings, we like the Kitchen Table, as it’s exactly that. The group can set to work in the muted green room, while a private chef prepares lunch around them.

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