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Stylish, fashionable and in vogue venues in London that have a modern arts bent or are particularly design conscious

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Il Convivio

143 Ebury Street, London, SW1W 9QN

Sloane Square Tube Station

Spaces 2 Bedrooms - Reception 26-75 Outside Area - Meeting Tiered - Dinner 26-75 Max -

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

Euston Road, London, NW1 2AR

King's Cross/St. Pancras Tube Station

Spaces 10 Bedrooms 248 Reception 501-800 Outside Area 150 Meeting 301-500 Tiered - Dinner 151-300 Max -

Old Bengal Warehouse

16 a,b,c New Street, London, EC2M 4TR

Liverpool Street Tube Station

Spaces 4 Bedrooms - Reception 76-150 Outside Area 100 Meeting Tiered - Dinner 76-150 Max -

Ruby Blue

1 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7BP

Leicester Square Tube Station

Spaces 4 Bedrooms - Reception 151-300 Outside Area 25 Meeting 26-75 Tiered - Dinner 26-75 Max -

Asia House

63 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 7LP

Regents Park Tube Station

Spaces 8 Bedrooms - Reception 151-300 Outside Area - Meeting 76-150 Tiered - Dinner 76-150 Max -

The Berkeley

Wilton Place, London, SW1X 7RL

Hyde Park Corner Tube Station

Spaces 6 Bedrooms 168 Reception 301-500 Outside Area - Meeting 151-300 Tiered - Dinner 151-300 Max -


150 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5LB


Spaces 4 Bedrooms - Reception 301-500 Outside Area 32 Meeting 1-25 Tiered - Dinner 151-300 Max -

The Groucho Club

45 Dean Street, London, W1D 4QB

Leicester Square Tube Station

Spaces 7 Bedrooms 22 Reception 76-150 Outside Area - Meeting 26-75 Tiered - Dinner 76-150 Max -

Millennium Gloucester Hotel

4-18 Harrington Gardens, London, SW7 4LH

Gloucester Road Tube Station

Spaces 26 Bedrooms 610 Reception 501-800 Outside Area - Meeting 501-800 Tiered - Dinner 301-500 Max -

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London has always been a hub for designers and arty types working in the creative industries. As a result, there is no shortage of eclectic and funky venues to choose from to make your event fun and fashionable. has a list of the top arty and designer venues for all manner of events, from a wedding in one of London's best-known museums to a cool party or reception in a boutique bar or restaurant. You'll find arty and designer venues in all areas of the capital too, from party bars in the City, to nightclubs in the West End.

In the list above there are also spaces to suit those looking to organise a conference. You can keep even the most corporate of events in vogue, with an art-inspired, contemporary venue. If you're confident you know what is hip and stylish and you fancy yourself as the designer of your own party, why not look at our blank canvas venues, allowing you to make the most of your unusual theme ideas and trends.