Did you know that 15 million tonnes of food is wasted every year in the UK alone, and that the vast majority of that is perfectly edible? At least that’s what Real Junk Food Manchester (RJFM) claims, who has decided to do something about it. Their solution? Use it to set up a catering business. 

September will see the North’s first ever food waste catering business (RJFM) that will deliver dishes made entirely from items that would have otherwise ended up in the bin. Food waste from supermarkets, wholesalers, and home delivery services will be used to create buffets, canapés and hot meals for commercial catering.     

Real Junk Food Manchester plate

This comes off the back of the food waste pay-as-you-feel restaurant (the first one in the UK) RJFM set up in Manchester last September – another first for the company. The pop-up was created as a result of a £20k crowdfunding campaign and was initially only meant to be short-term. Now, nearly a year later, the restaurant is still trading strong, having doubled its operation.  

Corin Bell, founder and director of RJFM, said that the project has been a huge social and economic experiment, and that he is ‘beyond proud’ of the sense of community and inclusion that has been generated from it. 

The menu and cuisine that will be delivered is entirely determined by what is collected on the day, but Corin told us that the talented chefs are used to responding to whatever produce comes in. 

Prices and packages are still being decided, but RJFM aims to give subsidised rates for community and charity groups. ‘We will also look to secure funding to allow us to support not-for-profit groups that are supporting people in our city,’ Corin said.  

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