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Perched high above the London skyline on level 24 of Tower 42, Jason Atherton's City Social is the ultimate combination of spectacular food and magnificent views. This towering landmark is one of the city's most regonisable, and not just home to the superb restaurant, but also to Social 24 - Atherton's relaxed bar, which offers cocktails inspired by the famous London landmarks that are easily spotted through the panoramic windows. There really aren't many better views of London, or places to enjoy a glass of something cold as London slowly moves from daylight and sunshine to inky skies and twinkling lights. 

City Social remains a fixture of London's fine dining scene, but the Social 24 bar isn't about to be upstaged by its next-door neighbour and the drinks are just as worthy of a visit. Cocktails are the main attraction here - choose from a selection of classic cocktails, or take a look at Social 24's more inventive signatures like the City Spice (Novo Fogo Cachaca Silver, apricot liqueur, Ancho Reyes, homemade basil liqueur, manzanilla sherry and citrus) or the Social Fizz (Sauvelle vodka, watermelon syrup, quince puree and ginger ale). 

If cocktails aren't your thing, don't fret - you have plenty of other options. A sizeable drinks list includes alcohol free cocktails (or 'social responsibility' drinks as they're termed here) as well as suggested Social 24 mixer combinations, beers, a compact wine list and a hefty selection of spirits, including a very healthy English gin collection.

One can't be expected to drink without a little snack to go with it, and Social 24 has a small but perfectly formed bar menu for such occasions. There are snacks and small bites aplenty including fried buttermilk chicken and crispy baby squid, as well as larger plates like burgers, steaks and fish and chips if you're more than a bit peckish.

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City Social

City Social

City Social


24th Floor, Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, Liverpool Street, London, EC2N 1HQ

020 7877 7703 020 7877 7703


Opening Times

Mon 12:00-22:00
Tue 12:00-22:00
Wed 12:00-22:00
Thu 12:00-22:00
Fri 12:00-22:00
Sat 16:00-22:00
Sun Closed


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5 Reviews 

Deborah W

24 February 2024   - Verified Diner
Food & Drink 4
Service 5
Atmosphere 4.5
Value 3
Nice for a drink and a light lunch with a view.

Fantastic views and lovely service. A calm, relaxed atmosphere. The cocktails were delicious and the buttermilk chicken was very tasty.

Lauren M

24 November 2022  
Food & Drink 5
Service 5
Atmosphere 5
Value 5

This restaurant is an absolute no-brainer to go to for City Drinks, Client Meetings, impressing a date, date night with your significant other... I could go on! 

The menu is varied and top notch, tasty and relevant, the customer services is always consistent and, if you are a regularl, they are quick to learn your name and preferrences, which impresses the people I book for greatly! 


08 July 2019  
Attention to detail exceptional as is the food. Even a footstool provided for lady's handbag! Service excellent, ambience great and spectacular views.

Sally H

10 April 2015  
Food & Drink 1.5
Service 3.5
Atmosphere 3.5
Value 3
Slightly Disappointed
I came here with my friend for a meal and drinks after work. Unfortunately made the mistake of not looking at the menu before we sat down and there was nothing I could say appealed to me; very little to choose from. We changed our mind in eating there and simply had cocktails which were extremely strong and bitter! Had one sip and that was more than enough. I can't fault the view and atmosphere is amazing, such a beautiful place to sit down and natter. Service was average but it was nice they didn't kick any huffs that we had changed our mind in eating and just wanted a drink.

Hannah T

09 November 2014  
Food & Drink 5
Service 0.5
Atmosphere 3.5
Value 3.5
DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR BUT AMAZING FOOD/VIEWS - please read to the end you'll be shocked
My review of City Social Restaurant/Bar is extremely mixed to say the least.... On the 7th November 2014 13 of us traveled into London to have dinner and drinks to celebrate my 21ST BIRTHDAY. The 13 people (aged 18-22) consisted of my closest friends, my younger sister who had just turned 18 and my boyfriend. Some of my friends had even traveled from as far as Leeds and Sheffield Universities for the occasion. We had all saved up a lot of money from part time jobs/apprenticeships to celebrate my birthday in style in the city of London restaurant. The night started out amazingly, we were welcomed with smiles and genuine conversation and were even led the way to the lift which would bring us up to the 24th floor. We had a good table with clear views of London around us and the best customer service as they served us and provided us with recommendations of good cocktails etc. Most of us ordered the steak which was beautiful and good value for money (i think it was £28). They had set out the table elegantly and we were all very impressed. We were aware that we may look slightly out of place being as young as we were in quite an expensive and luxurious restaurant however we made an effort to dress well and once dinner had begun our worries had completely disappeared. They had even brought me out a cake as I'd let them know it was my 21st birthday that we were celebrating. They really made us all feel welcome. HOWEVER I HAVE TO STRESS THIS WAS ONLY IN THE RESTAURANT. After spending a few hundred pounds in the restaurant and after paying a substantial amount of service that was automatically added to our bill (which we didn't mind as we knew it was an amazing place and was extremely satisfied with the waiters that had been serving us) we were then moved into the bar for the remainder of the night (this was the other side of the room). I had booked a table for 15 (2 people were unable to join us in the end). However we were slightly annoyed that instead of putting a few tables together for us (as we had booked around 4 weeks in advance) they had given us a round table suitable for around 9/10 at the absolute most and that's squeezing us all in and then a small square table in the corner of the room with 3/4 chairs which separated the group a lot and meant people were moving around in order for us all to talk to each other. However once we were all seated and we'd ordered our drinks we had to get used to it and carried on with celebrating the night. We then proceeded to spend another couple of hundred pounds on all sorts of fascinating cocktails. The service once in the bar was a little mixed... Some waiters seem to just want us to hurry up and order and others were helpful with recommendations/prices etc. However once it came to payment we received the bill as a whole and again they had added a sizable amount of service automatically. Of course it was an amazing place and the drinks were lovely...however we were quite shocked that from moving us to a different table in the room from dinner meant they thought it was acceptable to charge us such an amount again. We put all of our money together and I politely called a waiter over and asked if he would be able to remove the discretionary service order from the bill and we would happily provide him with our own tip. He then got very close to my face and asked "WHY?" in a very frightening manner. I then explained how we'd paid quite a lot for the dinner service charge and we would just like to provide our own tip for bar. He snatched the bill out of my hand and walked off without a saying a word. He went up to what appeared to be the manager and was shouting and pointing our way. The 'manager' replied - "dont worry I will sort this" to our waiter and disappeared towards the toilets. We were all a bit confused and embarrassed but continued to sort our money out and paid the waiter. Once the "manager" had returned from the toilets he came over to our table and made a COMPLETE SCENE in order for us to leave ....He actually fabricated a story that he'd seen a boy from our table doing drugs in the toilets and that we were disrespectful and should leave. I was in absolute shock! Of course this was completely untrue and he continued to make a scene instead of talking to us like adults, he also knew fully well that this was my 21st Birthday he was trying to disrupt. It was completely embarrassing and I couldn't believe how bad they had treated us and purely because of the age that we were, as we had paid good money to be there. It was absolutely disgusting behaviour and I will never return to this restaurant/bar even though I couldn't fault the food/drink. Its a real shame that they tried to disrupt my 21st birthday however after leaving we carried onto a different bar and everyone did their absolute best to save the night.... and you know what THEY DID! I hope Jason Atherton see's this review and does something drastic to make a change in the service provided in the bar because i'm genuinely REPULSED at they're behaviour. I wish I knew the names of the individuals that served us and of this 'manager'. PLEASE PLEASE SHARE THIS STORY AS I WOULD NEVER WANT THIS TO HAPPEN ON SOMEONE ELSE'S BIRTHDAY
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