Eddie Scott crowned winner of MasterChef 2022

There can only be one champion, and this year it's Eddie!

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Eddie Scott crowned winner of MasterChef 2022

We started with 45 chefs and ended with just one. This year's winner of MasterChef is Eddie!

It's been a crazy 2022 series of MasterChef this year. The contestants have faced all-new trials, tribulations and, perhaps scariest of all, Gordon Ramsay himself. Other celebrity appearances included chefs Clare Smyth and Paul Ainsworth, as well as high profile critics like William Sitwell, Jay Rayner and Jimi Famurewa. 


So, after 21 episodes it's fair to say that all of the finalists have been on quite the journey, with the closing episode seeing the remaining three contestants go head-to-head in one last bid to impress John and Gregg. Finalists Eddie, Pookie and Radha all cooked three courses for the judges but ultimately Eddie beat Pookie and Radha in the incredibly close final episode. 

Eddie's final winning menu

After so many rounds and all kinds of challenges, the last episode of MasterChef is always completely pared back. Each hopeful has to produce three courses of the best food of their lives to give themselves a chance at taking the top spot... no pressure then. Eddie ultimately came out on top with his winning menu that showcased the flair he has become known for in the competition. Here's what they made. 

Starter: Turbot with a champagne beurre blanc, tempura oyster, caviar and cucumber compressed in dill oil
Main: Hyderabadi dum: carraway and nigella seed pastry topped chicken biryani, with a cucumber raita
Dessert: Chocolate mousse with a prune puree centre, armagnac soaked prunes, almond frangipane and an almond and armagnac cream

Who were the MasterChef 2022 finalists?

All three of the finalists did incredibly well to reach the last and most important round of the competition. Throughout, Eddie, Pookie and Radha have impressed with their determination, skill and inventiveness. Read on to find out a little more about each of the contestants. 


Eddie, 30, is a marine pilot from Beverley in Yorkshire. During his childhood, he went to France which first sparked his love of the classic regional dishes the country has to offer. When asked what he'll do next, he said: “It would be amazing to have the opportunity to cook in a top restaurant and also to go to Lucknow in India and cook with the most famous royal Awadhi chefs and learn their perfected secrets. I’d love to one day own my own restaurant - sharing my food memories and nostalgia with as many people as possible! It would be amazing to write about food – possibly with a cookbook or a regular column – or even do some more TV - wouldn’t that be brilliant!"


Pookie, 46, is a former beauty salon owner from Solihull in the West Midlands. She truly puts her own twist on everything she does, with her goldfish dumplings wowing the judges from the start. When asked what she'll do next, she said: "After MasterChef, I would love to develop some fun and tasty products and cooking kits in my ‘Pookie Style’! The series has given me so much confidence and enthusiasm and I’m looking forward to discovering what opportunities there are for me and my love of food!"


Radha, 23, AKA the spicy flexitarian, is a law graduate from Bradford. After graduating, she set her eyes on the kitchen, not the courtroom, launching her career as a private chef. She blends her dual heritage with fun deconstructions of classic dishes, often with a kick of spice. "I’ve become a better chef but I have also developed more confidence and self-belief. I’ve met wonderful people along this journey, thank you to my friends and my family for the support, to the public for wishing me luck and MasterChef for allowing me the opportunity."

What do you win if you win MasterChef?

Although there isn't actually a prize of any kind on MasterChef, many previous winners have used the exposure to launch their culinary careers. Thomasina Miers, for example, started the chain Wahaca and has released a number of cookbooks. Last year's winner, Tom Rhodes, is now a chef who runs his own catering and private dining business called Rhodes Kitchen. Thomas Frake, who won the year before, plans to open his own pub and begin writing his debut cookbook. 

Many other previous winners have gone into the restaurant business. Simon Wood, who won in 2015, opened his own restaurant Wood Manchester just two years later. 

If you think you've got what it takes, you can find out how to apply for MasterChef here.

For more foodie TV, head over to our guide to Gordon Ramsay's Future Food Stars, which is still going!

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