Future Food Stars 2022: Winner announced

Find out who won this year's competition!

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Future Food Stars 2022: Winner announced

Move over MasterChef. Take a back seat Great British Menu. There’s a new food programme set to hit our screens this year called Future Food Stars, brought to us by none other than British chef and F Word star Gordon Ramsay.

The new programme, which takes the fitting acronym FFS, is reported to be a multi-million-pound deal for the 55-year-old chef, with the rights to the show having been bought by American broadcasting company Fox to air it over in the states. With the programme scheduled to broadcast simultaneously in the UK and the US later this year, you can bet that Ramsay will be cashing in on the deal.  

What’s more, the programme has already been commissioned for a second series before the first one has even aired. Someone clearly has a lot of confidence that it's going to be a hit.


A source told The Sun: “Gordon’s super-excited, as it’s the first time that he’s had a programme like this on television in the UK as well as the US, with Fox and the BBC at the same time – it’s a big deal for him. He is very much looking forward to filming Stateside in the new year, where he has a home, and investing in the show’s winning US entrepreneur to add to his American portfolio. Beeb producers are all very excited — the challenges on the series are pretty epic, plus the personalities of all the contestants are huge’’.  

While some of the finer details about the show have yet to be released, we've rounded up everything we know so far - and we'll be updating this page with the latest information as it gets revealed. For now, and with a name like FFS, we're banking on there being a fair amount of swearing from the top chef. Read on to discover more. 

So, what’s the format of Future Food Stars?  

The series is set to follow an Apprentice-style format in which 12 food and drink entrepreneurs battle it out to win investment in their business from Ramsay himself.  

What do the Future Food Stars contestants win?

According to the show's synopsis, "Gordon will push everyone to their limits through a series of relentless challenges that tests their character and business acumen. The person who impresses him most will win a life-changing investment." 

This life-changing investment will be a staggering £150,000 of Ramsay's own money.

When is Future Food Stars on? 

Future Food Stars is currently airing in the UK on BBC One.

How can I apply for Future Food Stars? 

While the line-up for the first series has already been confirmed, applications are currently open for foodie entrepreneurs to apply for the second series of the show. Whether you have a food or drink product, a casual eatery, a piece of equipment or tech, or something completely new, the criteria to enter are wide-ranging. 

Applicants must be aged 18 or over and available to film for 8-10 weeks during the summer of 2022. To apply, simply fill out this form.  


Who won Future Food Stars 2022?

Victoria, London

Victoria is using her business degree to launch a company selling healthy, vegan snacks inspired by the plantain chips her mum used to make. Despite only being 28, she has already won awards and launched in upscale department stores.
Age: 28
Plantain snacks

She said about winning the competition: "I’m feeling overjoyed. It definitely hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m so happy. Working with Gordon is a huge deal – it's even better than the investment.

I’m super excited, I could literally scream. Now the fun times begin, it’s a dream come true."

Who were the other contestants?

Steph, Manchester (eliminated)

Another ex-Navy contestant, Steph worked as a warfare officer before leaving to chase her dream of starting a soft drink business. The drinks are inspired by a sour alcoholic drink she fell in love with while stationed in Japan, and she's putting her own spin on it. 
Age: 30
Chu Lo
Japanese-inspired soft drinks

Leah, London (eliminated)

One of the main reasons brownies taste so good is because of the sheer amount of butter involved. So naturally, dairy-free and gluten-free brownies that actually taste good are hard to find. Enter Leah. She has started making free-from cakes, cookies, brownies and doughnuts to sell across London.
Age: 38
Norah's Brownies
Free-from brownies

Amit, Worcestershire (eliminated)

Amit, aside from his role as a chef and restaurant owner, has been working on a range of Indian sauces based on authentic family recipes. There are three different bottles, each carefully designed by Amit himself using his design skills. 
Age: 38
Brand: Pandeli
Product: Bottled Indian sauces

Asher, The Rhondda Valley (eliminated)

Asher's mum used to make and sell homemade jam at the local market, and four years ago he decided to take a crack at it himself. His combinations, however, are a little more out there. Asher's concoctions include Bravado chilli pepper jam and even espresso martini marmalade.
Age: 28
Unusual jams and marmalades

Bola, Hertfordshire (eliminated)

Bola has already won two start-up and innovation awards thanks to her tonic made with apple cider vinegar, fruit juices and sparkling water. These seltzers are much healthier than traditional fizzy drinks - a priority for this health coach turned drinks maker.
Age: 46
Apple cider vinegar seltzers

Jamie, Macclesfield (eliminated)

Jamie, having worked in the Navy as a chef, has picked one ingredient to focus on: mussels. He took his savings and put them into a stall at the local market, where he sells the likes of popcorn mussels, mussel burgers and even mussel stout. 
Age: 36
Savages Mussels
Mussel products

Jen, Castleford (eliminated)

Jen loves cocktails, but ran into the problem we've all faced - making them at home isn't actually that cheap. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands, bringing out a range of new cocktail flavours using real fruits and purees.
Age: 35
The Cocktail Pickers Club
Bottled cocktails

Matthew, London (eliminated)

Matthew, who grew up in London, wants to open his own zero-waste restaurant. His aim is to attract diners who care about not just the environment, but also the local community. 
Age: 33
Zero-waste restaurant

Michelle, Perthshire (eliminated)

Perhaps the most obscure idea (at least for non-Scots) on the list, Michelle's product is clootie dumplings. These Scottish treats are faintly reminiscent of Christmas pudding, although Michelle's have exciting flavours like rhubarb and ginger or even strawberry and prosecco. 
Age: 45
Clootie McToot
Clootie dumplings 

Valentina, London (eliminated)

Vegan cake mix wasn't really a thing until Valentina came along. Now, she's changing the game with vegan blends for vanilla cupcakes, banana bread and brownies. Valentina's mixes are cheap and straightforward, something many vegan products aren't.
Age: 37
Vegan cake mixes and café

Vincenzo, London (eliminated)

After working in the smoked salmon industry for some time, Vincenzo decided to break away and start his own company. The offering is simple: sustainable, artisan smoked salmon, hand-sliced and housed in compostable packaging. The salmon is also smoked using only smoke and salt.
Age: 27
Smokin' Brothers
Smoked salmon

If you can't wait, here's everything you need to know about Great British Menu 2022 in the meantime.

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