Searcys celebrates anniversary with one-of-a-kind royal wedding cake

Searcys recreates the five-tier royal wedding cake from the 1896 wedding of Princess Maud, to celebrate 175 year anniversary

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Searcys celebrates anniversary with one-of-a-kind royal wedding cake

Searcys, the UK’s oldest British caterer, is continuing its 175th anniversary celebrations by recreating one of founder John Searcy’s iconic cake masterpieces - an extravagant wedding cake created for the 1896 royal wedding of Princess Maud. 


Searcys created the original wedding cake 126 years ago, to celebrate the wedding of Queen Victoria's grandaughter Princess Maud and Prince Carl of Denmark. Searcys royal wedding cakes have always featured significant and intricate designs, which are intended to reflect the personalities of the couple. Princess Maud was the future Queen of Norway, due to be married to Prince Carl of Denmark, so the 1896 wedding cake was decorated with leaves, floras, and chubby cherubs, along with the Royal Arms of England and Denmark.

John Searcy founded Searcys in 1847 - he was a confectioner by trade and became famous for his elaborate wedding cakes, as well as for catering lavish social occasions. By 1870, Searcys had been granted a Royal Warrant to the Prince of Wales. He came out of retirement in 1896 to create the breathtaking multi-tiered cake for the wedding of Princess Maud and Prince Carl.

The updated cake - created in partnership with baker Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium - is a stunning five-tiered Dundee fruit cake, covered with marzipan and adorned with white and gold lattice work. The decorations will also include flowers, cherubs and lions made from fondant sugar, all based on the elaborate decoration of the 1896 masterpiece.

Most of us weren’t born with royal blood, but fortunately this is one royal cake we can still get a taste of. The once-in-a-lifetime cake will travel across the UK this summer, starting on National Baking Day on 17 May, and visiting a variety of Searcys restaurants. Diners will have a chance to try a slice at venues including 116 Pall Mall, The Pump Room in Bath, St Pancras Brasserie and Champagne Bar by Searcys, and Helix at The Gherkin. If you have a wedding booked at a Searcys location, you can even order one of the iconic wedding cakes for yourself.

This is just the latest in a series of celebrations for the prestigious caterer - in January, Searcys announced a £175k charity pledge to mark the team's 175th anniversary.

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