The Cheese Suite: a cheese-themed hotel room is coming to London

This is truly un-brie-lievable

Updated on 08 January 2020 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

The Cheese Suite: a cheese-themed hotel room is coming to London

This month, London will welcome its first ever cheese-themed hotel room, which will let guests stay the night entirely free of charge.

Christened The Cheese Suite, the fromage fantasy is based in Camden and will be decked out with cheese-themed décor, including wallpaper dotted with images of cheese and truly cheesy sayings plastered across the walls and bed linen, such as “will you brie mine?” and “I’m so fondue you”.

As well as the unique décor, The Cheese Suite will also come equipped with a whole host of other perks that are too Gouda to be missed. Guests staying overnight will be able to dial a cheese hotline to have the good stuff delivered to their hotel room on demand, while they can also make the most of cheese hand soap in the bathrooms and dedicated dairy-style board games in the cupboards. Naturally, the room will also be well stocked with crackers and wines, to help facilitate midnight feasting sessions (just watch out for nightmares afterwards).

The Cheese Suite is the brainchild of high street restaurant chain Café Rouge, which has designed the pop up to celebrate its new winter menu. The best part of the whole initiative is that guests aren’t charged for their stay. Nine winners from Café Rouge’s prize draw will be chosen to spend a free night’s stay in the suite, with guests encouraged to donate to The Prince’s Trust (Café Rouge’s charity partner) when checking out.

If the idea of a night in The Cheese Suite has made you melt, simply email and see if your name is chosen from the randomly selected draw.

The Cheese Suite will be open from 29 January to 6 February.

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