Salt Bae’s restaurant Nusr-et Steakhouse ranked amongst the worst in London

The notorious steakhouse rated among '100 worst in city', according to Tripadvisor

Updated on • Written By Ellie Donnell

Salt Bae’s restaurant Nusr-et Steakhouse ranked amongst the worst in London

Social sensation Salt Bae’s restaurant Nusr-Et Steakhouse has made headlines again after being ranked amongst the worst restaurants in London, with diners leaving a trail of damning reviews on Tripadvisor.

Nine months after it opened its doors in Knightsbridge back in September 2021, the restaurant now sits at 17,418 out of 17,488 restaurants in London, with a rating of two stars out of 126 views.  


It’s also received a total of 73 ‘terrible’ traveller ratings to date, along with 9 ‘poor’, 5 ‘average’, 3 ‘very good’ and 28 ‘excellent’ ratings.  

The most recent review at the time of writing was posted three days ago with the title ‘Sh*te’. It then goes on to read: ''The apparent speciality is the meat. Dry. Dry dry dry. Bland. Apparently salt bae is scrimping on salt - as well as every other type of flavour.  

''Waste of cash. Just a social media fad. Feel bad for people who are convinced this is actual food.’’ 

Another review posted five weeks ago said: ''I've tried better ones, in fact I think it's the worst high cost steak house in London''.  

While a third signed off their review with '‘Thanks for nothing!’'.  

The view doesn't look much better over on SquareMeal, where a string of poor reviews entitled 'shambles', 'disappointing management' and 'avoid at all cost' can all be found on the listing page

There was a positive Tripadvisor review left on the 26 April 2022 however, which described the restaurant as "impressive" and "absolutely amazing".  

It’s not the first time the steakhouse has made headlines though. It became one of the most-talked-about restaurant openings in London for all the wrong reasons when it launched last year due to its extortionate prices. The cost of a Golden Giant Tomahawk steak, for example, is an eye-watering £1,450, while a Golden Giant Striplion steak comes in at £1,350. Tripadvisor were also held to account after allegedly deleting bad reviews of the restaurant after a diner's bill totalling over £1,800 went viral in 2021. 

A spokesperson for Tripadvisor said it contantly monitors all reviews and reserves the right to apply a 'lockdown notice', temporarily prohibiting customers from leaving reviews, whenever a property receives an influx of review submissions that do not describe a first-hand customer experience.''

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