The Scandi-themed immersive experience that's perfect for 2019 Christmas parties

Organise an “edible adventure” for curious foodies with Snö

Updated on 17 July 2019 • Written By Kirsten Lee

The Scandi-themed immersive experience that's perfect for 2019 Christmas parties

Flavourology is joining forces with Smith & Sinclair to deliver a unique Christmas party experience that plays with the senses. 

The traditional turkey Christmas lunch has been thrown out of the window with this reimagined five-course immersive experience, which is guaranteed to grab the interest of food enthusiasts throughout the office.

This December, Snö, described as a “Scandinavian edible adventure”, is back and upping the ante with its new partnership for Snö II, but the festivities will still take their inspiration from Scandinavian folklore.

Snö II is back, but this time with cocktail alcohol innovators Smith & Sinclair in the mix

The food-centred escapade was raved about last year and is bringing back a revamped multi-sensory dining adventure for 2019, presenting five interactive Scandinavian-inspired courses. Each of the courses requires diners to participate in its creation and engage with the scientific reactions taking place right on the plate before them. Innovative mixology experts Smith & Sinclair are also coming to the party, serving up experiential cocktails to be enjoyed throughout with plenty of theatre to add to the experience.

Snö will impress audiences with courses that will trick and test the senses by serving dishes and drinks that bring together sounds, sights, smells and taste. Expect to be excited by deconstructed alcoholic beverages, edible candles and cocktails which you can inhale.

The multi-sensory dishes demonstrate a series of themes from Scandinavian festive traditions which are shown in each course, including forage, cure, chime, feast and smoke. You will be able to mix your own sauces, forage for your starters and partake in lots of quirky activities that liven up this gastronomical experience. 

The intimate venue will also have a balloon and light art installation to delight guests and help immerse them in the culinary journey in its loft-like space. The experience will take place at Hoxton’s The Flowerpot, offering hire for lunch and dinner from 2-15 December 2019. Book this event for up to 100 guests from £120pp, either as smaller groups to share with other guests or for exclusive hire at £12,000 (VAT excluded) for the 3.5 hour experience. The price includes a welcome drink, five courses, wine paired with the meal, Smith & Sinclair cocktails, and gifts to take away.

Speaking about last year's success, Flavourology's food director and co-founder Jenny McNeill said: “Clients told us it was pitched perfectly for their guests, focussing on brilliant food with a touch of trickery to satisfy both the bold and the more reserved. We are delighted to now amplify the experience by adding the expertise of Smith & Sinclair to bring another layer of fun to the drinks courses, delivering even more surprises for our diners.”

If you’re looking for more Christmas party ideas, check out what the Museum of London is doing this year. 

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