Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s former chef reveals the couple's favourite foods

As well as Charles's hidden passion

Updated on 08 January 2020 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s former chef reveals the couple's favourite foods

The former chef for Prince Charles and Princess Diana has revealed what it was like to live and work in Kensington Palace, as well as spilling the beans on which dishes the royal couple loved to eat.

Chef Carolyn Robb, who lived in an apartment close to the Royal family throughout her tenure, spoke to Insider about both the joys and difficulties that came with having such a high profile job.

"People assume that they live on a diet of caviar and lobster and foie gras, which really isn't the case," revealed the chef. “Because they're out and about so much and doing so many official engagements, obviously people are entertaining them, and everybody wants to make sure they're well looked after.”

"So they have to eat quite a lot of rich food when out and about. But at home it tends to be all light home cooking."

In her interview, Robb also revealed that Prince Charles is actually a lover of cooking and is very knowledgeable about food. In fact, when the Prince had some down time, the pair would go mushroom picking. “It was always good to go with him — he knew a lot more about them than I did” says Robb. “He was very hands-on and knew exactly what was in the garden. All of our menus were planned around what was in season in the garden."

She continued: "As a chef job, it was amazing to have a boss as passionate about his food as Prince Charles was. It made it much more interesting."

The former royal chef also opened up about Princess Diana’s favourite things to eat. She revealed that the Princess “enjoyed chicken and fish and salads” but said she “didn't have a particularly sweet tooth.” Prince Charles meanwhile, “enjoyed quite a lot of game”.

Carolyn Robb cooked for the royal family from 1987 to 2000.

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