Will Gordon Ramsay roll out his Lucky Cat restaurant name across further sites in the UK?

The famous chef is rumoured to have received funding for a big UK roll-out

Updated on • Written By Emma Mitchell

Will Gordon Ramsay roll out his Lucky Cat restaurant name across further sites in the UK?

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's restaurant empire looks set for expansion after speculation that his brands will be rolled out more widely across the UK in the coming months.

Last year it was revealed that Ramsay had formed a joint venture with Lion Capital to increase his presence in the US, and fund 100 new restaurants across the States. It has been projected that Ramsay’s Kitchen will be the concept he is most likely to roll out across America with Los Angeles rumoured to be the first destination on the cards.

Speculation has since arisen that the famous TV chef is likely to seek out a similar investment in the UK with Lion Capital or another private equity firm and according to Propel “this has moved closer to fruition and could see Ramsay launch multiple sites across several concepts in the UK”. Conjecture over which of his multiple restaurant brands is most likely to receive the funding has already begun with Bread Street Kitchen,  Street Burger/Pizza and even his Asian-focused concept Lucky Cat leading the wagers.

Ramsay faced considerable backlash when he first opened his Lucky Cat restaurant in Mayfair which was sold as an “authentic Asian eating house and vibrant late-night lounge, inspired by the drinking dens of 1930s Tokyo and the Far East”. He hit back at accusations of cultural appropriation from journalists, critics and chefs declaring “Gordon Ramsay restaurants do not discriminate based on gender, race or beliefs” however he has since dropped the word “authentic” in the restaurant’s website descriptor.

When we visited the restaurant shortly after its opening our overall impression, unfortunately, was of “good ingredients cooked with skill then spoilt by being paired with overly assertive sauces that undid the good work”. However, the swanky Mayfair eatery still draws in a crowd night after night and the Gordon Ramsay restaurant group bucked industry trends last year by announcing profits of £500,000. Ramsay has already announced plans to replicate the Lucky Cat concept in Las Vegas but as to whether the model will be duplicated in the UK remains to be revealed.

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