How to write a good SquareMeal diner review

How to write a good SquareMeal diner review

Posted on 30 April 2018 • Written By Ben McCormack

How to write a good SquareMeal diner review

However much or little you eat out, here at SquareMeal, we want to hear your opinions. Have your say on and you’ll be in with the chance to win prizes – from bottles of Champagne to the latest cookbooks. What’s more, one contributor will even be crowned our Amateur Critic of the Year and bag a free meal out at a top restaurant.

It’s easy to submit reviews to SquareMeal, so check out the dos and don’ts of review writing below, and let your creative juices flow. Happy dining!

How to write a restaurant review


 - Keep the review short and concentrate on the facts. Think about what you want to know when you read reviews by other readers

 - Be straightforward about your own tastes. State why you liked or disliked something

 - Write to entertain: people might not visit the restaurant, but they could still read your review


 - Focus too much on any one area of the dining experience. Write a general overview

- Write about yourself – people want to know about the restaurant

- Rant about a specific incident. Give objective criticism that other readers will find useful