Emma Thompson tries to save waiter's job who was sacked for selfie

The actress has previously spoken about her dislike of selfies

Updated on 28 October 2019 • Written By Rosie Conroy

Emma Thompson tries to save waiter's job who was sacked for selfie

Dame Emma Thompson has supposedly intervened to save a waiter’s job after he was suspended by his employers following his request for a selfie with her at a top London restaurant.

As reported by The Sunday Times, the 60-year old actress was dining at Brown’s Hotel, a luxurious British institution which opened its doors in 1837 (the same year Queen Victoria ascended to the throne, if you’re interested), when she was asked for the picture. While with a group of friends last Saturday the celebrity was approached by the Brown’s staff member to ask if he could have a selfie with her. Thompson declined, reasoning that she didn’t want to impost on her guests, and after the brief exchange the waiter continued with his work.

Following the incident the staff member was suspended the following day, until further notice, because of the hotel’s strict policy which is in place to protect guests’ privacy. With a whole string of famous faces regularly returning to the London venue, the hotel would expect the utmost discretion from team members.

A fish dish from Charlie's at Brown's Hotel

Having been told of the outcome of the brief exchange, Thompson is said to have been ‘horrified’ and to have contacted the hotel’s management to ask for the decision to be reversed. Despite being asked by various members of the press, Brown’s Hotel’s managing director Stuart Johnson declined to comment on the fate of the waiter, simply saying: “Caring for the privacy and wellbeing of both team members and guests, we are unable to make further comment on this matter.” Thompson is yet to comment publicly.

Charlie's, The dining room at Brown’s, is headed up by chef Adam Byatt, who owns Clapham’s Michelin star restaurant Trinity. With a modern British menu, dishes include things like dressed Cornish crab salad to start and whole Dover sole with caper butter for mains.

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