You can get bottomless champagne and oysters at this London restaurant

And the bottomless slot is longer than normal

Updated on 13 May 2019 • Written By Tonje Odegard

You can get bottomless champagne and oysters at this London restaurant

London loves anything bottomless. It’s a fact. You can put bottomless in front of anything these days and young Londoners will flock to it like moths to a flame. Bottomless brunch, bottomless booze, bottomless wifi – this city literally can’t get enough.

Our latest discovery is bottomless champagne and oysters at this central London hotel, and we’re ready to share it with the world.

The new Sunday Garden Brunch at The Montagu Kitchen near Marble Arch not only offers unlimited champagne and oysters as part of its new dining experience – although that’s enough to get us interested - it also offers a three-course menu alongside a buffet, so turn up hungry.

Start off your meal with some eggs (benny, Florentine, with avo – whatever you desire) before tucking into the extensive buffet of absolute delights. This is where you find the bottomless oyster bar, but also a selection of cheeses, pastries, other seafood, salads and a range of brunch treats. Trust us, you can really go to town here.

These are some of the treats available at the buffet

Once you’ve devoured the buffet, it’s time for your main course – we recommend the potato dumplings (although a full Sunday roast is also an option) – before a tower of desserts is served at the end. This features beautiful pudding creations including macarons, cakes, trifles and meringue lollipops. These will send your Instagram popping.

The best part, though? Instead of your traditional two-hour bottomless slot (we’ve all been there, frantically drinking Prosecco to get as much bang for your buck in the time allocated), Montagu Kitchen offers an additional half hour of free-flowing fizz. And it’s fancy stuff, too, you know – we’re talking proper Champagne.

But it does come with a price tag – it’s a whopping £78 for the whole experience. However, if you take into consideration the amount of food you get and the premium offerings, we think it’s worth it. Alternatively, if you want the non-alcoholic option, it’s “only” £58. The restaurant has a wide selection of juices, soft drinks and mocktails, too.

This garden salad apertizers come complete with a tiny fork and spade - cute

The vibe of The Montagu Kitchen (the main restaurant of five-star hotel Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill), is also rather formal, so it is not the space for your rowdy boozy brunch. Rather, it’s where to go if you’re equally (if not more) interested in the food than filling that bottomless pit of yours with alcohol.   

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