A Black Food Festival is coming to London this month

Turns out you really can have all-black everything after all

Updated on 19 September 2019 • Written By Aneesa Anwar

A Black Food Festival is coming to London this month

A black food festival is coming to London this month to celebrate the wide range of different foods that are or can be made black.

The event will pay homage to both naturally black ingredients like coffee, dark chocolate, berries and balsamic vinegar, as well as offering up the likes of charcoal infused ice cream and croissants just waiting to make it on to your Instagram feed. Other things that will be on offer throughout the day include black tacos, chilli sauce, sweets and, we assume, even more food you didn’t think could be turned black.

Organiser's of the event say that, “The Black Food Festival was born out of curiosity for international cuisines and the experimental nature of culinary minds across the globe. To pay homage to those who prefer to take the road less travelled: the risk takers, the innovators, the trailblazers... Black Food Festival plays with some of your favourite dishes, creatively experimenting with flavour and colour from some of the city’s most innovative and inventive culinary minds.”

As well as offering up a range of vendors who will be serving all the black food you could possibly imagine, at the end of the festival a panel of gastronomy professionals will award ‘black food and drink of London 2019’ prizes to stallholders in a highly-anticipated ceremony.

So, if all-black is your aesthetic and the only thing you are missing out on is the ability to have a completely black diet, think again because as this festival has proved, it turns out you really can have all-black everything.  

The Black Food Festival first launched in November 2018 in Budapest and has since visited over 20 cities around the world, including New York, Tel Aviv and Istanbul, due to its popular demand.

Taking place at the Oval space on the September 22 2019 between 11am and 9pm, tickets are £12 and you will be able to sample food and drink from every vendor attending the event.

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