This London pub is offering free Christmas dinner for lonely locals

Landlords of The Alexandra plea locals not to spend the festive holiday alone

Updated on 28 November 2019 • Written By Emma Mitchell

This London pub is offering free Christmas dinner for lonely locals

In an altruistic bid to stop London residents spending Christmas Day in isolation, Wimbledon’s favourite local is offering a free meal to anyone who comes through the doors on the 25th December.

Now in its fifth year of the charitable campaign, The Alexandra announced earlier this week on twitter that it will be giving a free Christmas dinner with free drinks to anyone who would otherwise be spending the festive occasion alone.

What started with free pints of beer has grown to a full-blown meal with all the trimmings as owners Mick and Sarah Dore were overwhelmed by the response they had from lonely Londoners. “Don’t be alone on Christmas day this year. Don’t draw the curtains & tell your neighbours you’ve “gone to your sisters in Worthing” the tweet implores. “Come here. We’ll give you a FREE Christmas dinner with FREE booze, then you can join in with loads of people just like you. Please, come.”

Locals enjoying their free Christmas Dinner 

Over the years The Alexandra has united people of all ages and backgrounds who have found themselves facing the festive period alone or have encountered unexpected difficulties that have disrupted any pre-existing holiday plans. The majority of attendees are elderly residents, many of whom have faced years of spending the holidays alone before the pub began its benevolent campaign. The landlords go the extra mile by trying to seat their guests with likeminded individuals and over the years have delighted in seeing the lasting friendships that have followed.

Last year Mrs Dore told the Independent  “We had a sad story, but it actually turned out really beautifully: a young lady whose boyfriend dumped her on Christmas Eve so she came and she made loads of friends. They came back and had lunch in February and made a really strong friendship.”

If this isn’t festive community spirit at its most heart-warming we don’t know what is.

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