A Wallace & Gromit themed cheese festival is coming to the UK

Don’t forget the crackers, because it’ll be a grand day out

Updated on 13 February 2019 • Written By Thomas Gadd

A Wallace & Gromit themed cheese festival is coming to the UK

It has been 30 years since the first Wallace & Gromit short film, A Grand Day Out,was released. What better way to celebrate than having a cracking day out at a cheese festival?

CheeseFest is touring the UK this year and visiting 15 locations, with more dates set to be added.

Guests of the festival can expect a gooey, cheesy heaven of melted delights and tasty cheese from around the UK. There will be raclette, mozzarella sticks, toasties and plenty of other unique cheeses. Let’s hope there’s plenty of Wensleydale!

CheeseFest has lots of activities planned, including live music, cooking demonstrations, street food stalls and an artisan cheese market.

Wallace & Gromit fans will be satisfied with a meet and greet of the model makers from aardman animations, as well as life-sized Wallace & Gromit vehicles, an activity area and of course film screenings of all the classic Wallace & Gromit films.

CheeseFest will tour the UK

Currently, festival details for Leeds, Farnborough and London are not available, but are expected to be coming soon. If you’re feeling left out because your city isn’t on the list, CheeseFest’s website lets fans petition for the festival to be brought to their hometown.

A variety of ticket options are available, including family passes and discounts for children. However, early bird tickets for adults are priced from £7.

Worried about missing out? You can avoid 'a close shave' by signing up or buying tickets for CheeseFest here.

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