Europe’s top 20 most Instagrammed dishes have been revealed

New research has revealed the most popular dishes on the ‘gram

Updated on 14 June 2019 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

Europe’s top 20 most Instagrammed dishes have been revealed

A new study has revealed that macarons are the most Instagrammable dish in Europe.

A study by Gousto used Instagram hashtag data to work out the top foodstuffs across Europe which are uploaded most regularly on the ‘gram, and some of the findings are rather surprising.

According to the study, the French sweet treat of #macarons has been posted about 5 million times, while you might be surprised to learn that the ubiquitous avocado on toast didn’t even make the top 10.

Perhaps less surprisingly, the most Instagrammed dish in the world is pizza, which racked up a mammoth 37 million posts worldwide. There are some rather unexpected entries on the list too though, including #stilton, which was apparently used in Instagram posts 51,386 times.

In fact, cheese is some of the most popular Insta-bait in the world, with different varieties of the foodstuff taking up 15 places on the overall global list. Fondue is the most popular cheesy dish in Europe with over 1 million snaps dedicated to it, while raclette was posted about almost 500,000 times.

Other random titbits include the staple Italian ingredient of pesto being uploaded almost 2 million times, while Asian-style dishes such as sushi and kimchi accounted for 22% of the most-liked regional dishes.

It will come as a shock to social media users that some dishes which are often touted as being Insta-friendly food didn’t even appear on the list. The aforementioned brunch favourite of avo on toast is nowhere to be found, while the UK’s favourite dish of curry is also entirely absent.  

If you want to brush up on your knowledge of the most popular food on the ‘gram, you can check out Gousto’s full list of Europe’s 15 most Instagrammed dishes below:

- Pesto (Italy)
- Fondue (Switzerland)
- Feta Cheese (Greece)
- Raclette (Switzerland)
- Halloumi (Greece)
- Skyr (Iceland)
- Bratwurst (Germany)
- Pierogi (Poland)
- Belgian Chocolate (Belgium)
- Sarma (North Macedonia)
- Sachertorte (Austria)
- Dolma (Armenia)
- Doner (Turkey)
- Haggis (Scotland)
- Melange (Austria)
- Belgian Waffles (Belgium)
- Goulash (Hungary)
- Croque-Monsieur (France)
- Stilton (England)

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