Gordon Ramsay made panini with US rapper Lil Nas X

The unlikely pairing met up in London

Updated on 05 July 2019 • Written By Eamonn Crowe

Gordon Ramsay made panini with US rapper Lil Nas X

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay met up with US rap sensation Lil Nas X in London to make paninis together.

The 52-year-old chef met up with the 20-year-old rapper in London, with the pair posting about their exploits on Twitter. It’s unknown where their meeting took place, but the pictures posted to Lil Nas X’s Twitter account show that they are in a restaurant kitchen, presumably one that is part of Ramsay’s expansive culinary empire.

Like so many social interactions these days, the unlikely friendship originally began on Twitter, when Lil Nas X responded to a tweet by Ramsay about the chef reaching 10 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. Ramsay posted a video to celebrate the milestone, which Nas X responded to by asking the Lucky Cat chef to “teach me how to make paninis while I’m still in London”. Ramsay responded by asking the rapper to “name the day…”

Just two days later, the two celebrities followed through and met up to make paninis together – an unlikely request for a Michelin-starred chef, considering that a panini is essentially a warmed up sandwich. It’s important to note though that Lil Nas X does have a song called Panini, so that might explain his choice of dish.

The tools used by Ramsay and Nas X also confused their respective fans, with pictures posted to social media showing the Bread Street Kitchen chef armed with what appears to be a long sword, while Nas X wielded a Medieval-style axe.  

The up-and-coming rapper first came to prominence when he released his single ‘Old Town Road’, which is a fusion of the country and hip hop genres. The song has gone on to achieve phenomenal success, now being the longest hip hop song in history to hold the number one position on the Billboard Hot 100, having enjoyed a mammoth run of 13 weeks in the top spot.

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