Why London’s best restaurants are using Norwegian fish

Why London’s best restaurants are using Norwegian fish

Updated on 14 January 2019 • Written By SquareMeal

Why London’s best restaurants are using Norwegian fish

Norway’s Arctic waters are home to an abundance of fish, and the Norwegians take great pride in their fishing methods and rich heritage – so it’s no wonder that the best restaurants in London serve seafood from Norway

With brutally cold temperatures and a rough climate, Norway is an inhospitable place for humans – but these unforgiving qualities also make Norway perfect for seafood. The chilly Arctic waters surrounding the country are home to superior-quality cod, haddock, salmon and beyond.

Norway fishing boat

As such, fishing is an inextricable part of the Norwegian economy, and a deep love of the sea is embedded in Norwegian culture. Everyone involved in the production of Norway’s seafood is dedicated to carefully managing this valuable resource and sending out only the very best the ocean has to offer. Little surprise, then, that some of London’s finest restaurants source their seafood from Norway.

Hide Ground roast cod

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Hide Ground, Mayfair

Chef Ollie Dabbous’ sophisticated three-storey restaurant Hide is renowned for its skillful preparations of the best seasonal ingredients, so it makes sense that Norwegian fish is essential to his menu.

“I am lucky enough to have seen the clear, cold waters of Norway in person,” Dabbous says. “I was incredibly impressed by both the quality of the fish and the professionalism within the fishing industry there. The cod, in particular, is fantastic.”

Dabbous takes advantage of Norway’s bounty of seafood at Hide Ground, where he serves roast Norwegian cod with chestnuts, smoked butter and kale (pictured above). The dish is an excellent example of the Mayfair restaurant’s elegant style.

Jose Pizarro Cod

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José Pizarro, Broadgate

The food at Bermondsey favourite Pizarro is chef José Pizarro’s ode to Spain. His kitchen uses Norwegian seafood because it provides the perfect canvas for those bold flavours.

“Norwegian seafood products are some of my favourites as their produce is so fresh, ensuring you get the highest quality of fish to cook with," Pizarro commented. "The fish have a fantastic environment in which to thrive and grow, and this contact with nature ensures they are the very best.”

Pizarro currently features Norwegian cod with a robust vizcaina sauce, clams and confit potatoes (pictured above) to showcase the exceptional quality of fish from Norway.

The Frog Hoxton restaurant

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The Frog, Hoxton

Chef Adam Handling’s Hoxton restaurant The Frog never fails to make a statement with its inventive, indulgent and delicious cuisine crafted from the finest produce, including seafood from Norway.

“I like using Norwegian seafood because the quality is outstanding, it’s incredibly versatile, and it’s sustainably caught, which is a huge part of my restaurants’ ethos,’ Handling explains. ‘I travelled to Norway a few years ago to catch some skrei cod myself, and I’ve been using Norwegian produce ever since.”

Handling gives his creative treatment to Norwegian seafood by plating trout from Norway with wasabi and radish. Thanks to the high-quality fish and Handling’s signature style, the dish manages to be both luxurious and uncomplicated.

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