Fresh Food Delivery: 17 of the best artisan grocery delivery companies

Because going to the shops was so 2019...

Updated on 01 August 2020 • Written By Rosie Conroy

Fresh Food Delivery: 17 of the best artisan grocery delivery companies

It’s hard to imagine that just 20 years ago fresh food delivery would have been out of the question in the capital, let alone the rest of the UK, with internet a thing that still had to be plugged in and shops still outlets that very much had to be visited IRL.

Times have changed and now huge numbers of people organise shopping delivery straight to their door each week to save them trekking out to their local retailers and lugging heavy bags back home again. These grocery delivery services are - quite literally - life savers for some, providing an invaluable connection for those living with a disability or illness and for many more they’re just an extremely handy tool to have when you’re time poor.

Sure, in everyday life shopping delivery is a handy thing, but when crisis hits? That’s when fresh food delivery companies really come into their own. Maybe you’ve just realised you’re meant to be cooking for ten people this weekend and don’t have a minute to get to the shops, perhaps the kids are ill and need round-the-clock care or perhaps we’ve all been hit by a global catastrophe… oh, we don’t know, maybe something like Coronavirus? In these moments having grocery delivery heroes on hand who are willing to pick, pack and deliver your everyday essentials is nearly a treasure beyond belief.


We all know you can get grocery deliveries from the big-name supermarkets, but what about the little guys? We’re always keen to support independents here at SquareMeal and there are some amazing companies offering food delivery London-wide, as well as all over the country. More often than not using these smaller companies means you’ll be well rewarded with considerate customer care and incredible artisan produce, plus you’ll be helping to support a small or family-run business and – if the offering is locally sourced – will be cutting down on food miles. It’s a win win. Below are some of our favourite fresh food delivery services across the country which should be able to provide you will all your basic (and not-so-basic) needs when you need them most. If we’ve missed a brand you think we should include then let us know, we’d love to hear what you think. Send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we’ll get right back to you.

The top section of this piece is directed at London dwellers, while the second half is reserved for fresh food delivery services that have a nationwide offering. Happy shopping.

Fresh food delivery London

If you happen to live in the capital city then there is a wealth of options when it comes to independent fresh food delivery. The following brands are a few of our favourites, but it’s always worth checking with your local fruit and veg sellers, butchers or bakers to see if they’re part of a cooperative you can get in on.

Bread Ahead

Why: Bread Ahead have launched an online delivery service, with a selection of baking essentials and tasty treats, available for delivery across central London. A range of boxes includes the Essentials Box (£30) with 2 x large sourdough loaves, 6 x brioche rolls, 6 x croissants, 4 x pain au chocolat, 2kg flour & yeast. The Sourdough Selection (£25), offering 5 x sourdough loaves, 1 x brioche loaf and 2kg flour or a box of Sweet Treats (From £6) filled with whole cakes; brownie traybake; ginger cake; Banana Cake; Hot Cross Buns and Brioche Rolls (in multiples of 6).

Or if you fancy yourself as a bit of a baker then you can order The Baker's Kit - which includes 7kg of flour (bread flour, self raising and rye), 50g fresh yeast and 100g of the rye starter ‘Bruce', for only £12.
Where they deliver: London
Shop now: Order online

Petersham Nurseries

Why: Petersham Nurseries have extended their offering by launching a new online grocery initiative, offering local residents a collection or home delivery service of their top quality food and drink products. Local customers are able to order premium organic meat and deliciously fresh fruit and vegetables from the family farm, Haye Farm in Devon. There is also a selection of Italian cured meats and cheeses including Prosciutto San Daniele and Gorgonzola dolce DOP and other dairy produce, as well as larder essentials like dried beans, pulses and pasta, high grade olive oil, and Petersham Nurseries’ preserves and tea.
Where they deliver: Collection available or delivery to Richmond, Petersham, Ham, Hampton, Teddington, Strawberry Hill, Mortlake, Sheen, Kew, Barnes, Twickenham and St Margarets.
Shop now: Order online

New Covent Garden Market

Why: New Covent Garden Market is where most of London’s top restaurants source their ingredients and following on from the Coronavirus closedown of many businesses they adapted to offer deliveries to households, businesses and families with a London postcode. This means high-end fresh fruit and veggies which might include some more unusual, exotic varieties, dropped off at your door. Each of the vendors - like Harwoods of London, to name a favourite - at the market are offering different things, but most will deliver mixed fruit and veg boxes with some also in a position to offer other everyday essentials like dairy goods.
Where they deliver: London
Shop now: A list of suppliers who are able to deliver is available on the New Covent Garden website


Why: Michelin starred Brat has been on London foodies’ radars since it opened just last year. Known for its Basque-leaning plates of rich, warming food, during the COVID-19 pandemic the team at Brat turned their hands to offering their signature food and some of the ingredients they use to their customers through a new Farm, Grill and Wine shop. Fancy the sound of the above? You can expect high end ingredients from retailers like Natoora and Philip Warren Butchers as well as s sommelier-picked wines and chef-prepared ready meals.
Where they deliver: It’s not yet clear where the boundaries lie, but your best chance is if you live in Shoreditch close to the restaurant’s Redchurch Address
Shop now: Contact Brat directly to order supplies


Why: Albion brought rustic farm shop chic to London before it was even cool to do so. The utilitarian styled deli provides a home for all sorts of delicious fresh groceries that can be delivered to your door, through Deliveroo. Free range eggs, Israeli couscous, 00 pasta flour and the finest sirloin mince are among the more luxurious mix which sit side-by-side with everyday essentials such as loo roll and Heinz Baked Beans. While you’re ordering your weekly shop, you can also have the accompanying restaurant’s dishes delivered. Why not treat yourself to a breakfast bap or a plant-based burger at the same time as ordering your household stapes? We reckon you deserve it.
Where they deliver: London
Shop now: Albion can be found on Deliveroo


Why: Among some of the smaller independents on this list, Farmdrop seem like a big player thanks to their jazzy website and solid infrastructure. With plenty of farm-to-table foods on their books, however, these guys are no less ethical and offer a great way to shop from lots of smaller companies in one easy move. The team has taken pains to collect incredible food from passionate artisan producers that you can then have delivered along with all your favourite weekly fruit, veg and pantry items. Less mainstream items include things like wild garlic sausages and Albacore tuna.
Where they deliver: London
Shop now: Shop through Farmdrop’s website

Crosstown Collective

Why: In response to the Coronavirus pandemic Crosstown doughnuts speedily found a solution to the wide-spread food shortages in supermarkets by coming up with their own delivery cooperative. The team here have partnered with other small-scale food producers in the capital to offer boxes which include fruit and veg, eggs, milk, butter, bread and doughnuts – because in dark times treats are very much essential. There is also a vegan option which swaps in almond milk and offers up plant-based doughnuts too so that nobody needs to miss out.
Where they deliver: London
Shop now: Shop through Crosstown Doughnut’s website

Borough Market

Why: As one of the most renowned markets in the world, having food delivered to your door from Borough Market might seem too good to be true. This little slice of London does deliver though, and as a result (if you live in London) you’re able to get your paws on some of the country’s best produce. Think heirloom tomatoes or exotic fruit boxes from Turnips alongside all British cheeses from Neil’s Yard with a bottle or two of wine from Cartwright Brothers thrown in. We’re sold.
Where they deliver: London
Shop now: Order through Sixty Six website

Local Greens

Why: Based in Hearne Hill in South London, this not-for-profit company sells UK-only fruit and veg to locals in the area. Local, organic farms are the main contributors to the weekly boxes, which contain a mix of fruit and veg and can be adapted to suit your household. A small bag, for instance, might contain beetroot, carrots, green garlic, salad, spinach and potatoes or you can nominate yourself to go sans spuds (although why you would we don’t know).
Where they deliver: London, Hearne Hill area
Shop now: Place your order on the Local Greens website directly


Why: Remember when it was revealed that a huge amount of fruit and veg ends up as waste because supermarkets reject any ‘imperfect’ shapes? Well, Oddbox was the answer to that. Working closely with farmers, Oddbox gathers up all the (perfectly good, might we add) surplus fruit and veggies that might otherwise be dumped and delivers it to London homes for keen cooks to work their magic on.
Where they deliver: London
Shop now: Shop directly on Oddbox’s website

Growing Communities

Why: Championing small-scale, sustainable farming, Growing Communities is a cooperative which grows and distributes fresh produce across London. You can’t actually organise delivery through the guys here, but instead they drop boxes to local pick up points. Choose between fruit and veg boxes of various sizes, and there are even British flowers to buy if you’d like to add a little something pretty to your weekly shop.
Where they deliver: You pick up, in London at various central points
Shop now: Arrange your boxes by booking through Growing Communities’ own website

Fresh Food Delivery nationwide

If you live outside of the big smoke then don’t fear, there are plenty of amazing options you can make good use of. All of the below sellers sell nationwide (with some even including delivery to the Hebrides!) and offer up amazing ways to get your hands on a range of beautiful, organic and artisan produce in one simple step. We’d like to add (someone pass our soap box) that lots of local small-scale shops offer delivery schemes by partnering with similar companies in the area, so this is always worth investigating. You might find your butcher is willing to deliver milk and bread with your sausages, for instance, or that your greengrocer has a list of pantry items available to choose from on top of fruit and veg.

Creme Cookies

When a Michelin chef has taken two years to perfect a cookie recipe, you know it's going to be good. While not strictly essential groceries, everyone knows sweet treats are warranted for a good week of eating and Creme Cookies are the best of the bunch. Previously only available from the bakery's London store, these are now delivered nationwide in boxes of 6 or 12. The thick, chunky cookies are made with French butter and Belgian chocolate for an indulgent sidekick to your daily cuppa and have garnered quite the cult status thanks to Instagrammable packaging and gooey, chocolate-stuffed centres. We guess you could send them to a friend or loved one, but you could also keep them all for yourself and that's fine too.
Where they deliver: Nationwide
Shop now: Directly through the website at 


Why: Forget waiting weeks for a delivery slot from your favourite supermarket, Beelivery are able to drop off all your essentials within 45-90 minutes thanks to its team of local riders. Options differ depending on where you’re located as the drivers pick up from local shops, but the range is impressive. Fruit, veg, dairy, meat and pantry are all covered as well as less essential items like fizzy drinks and sweet treats as well as a few toiletries. It’s a real one stop shop.
Where they deliver: Nationwide
Shop now: Shop through Beelivery’s app

Eversfield Organic

Why: If you enjoy all the perks of shopping from small independents but aren’t too keen on the legwork to find them yourself, let Eversfield do the hard work for you. This organic food delivery service began (and remains) as a family farm in the South West dropping off their fruit and veg to customers nearby and has since grown into a nationwide operation. The farm now also provides organic dairy, meat and more thanks to a network of like-minded suppliers having been brought on board.
Where they deliver: Nationwide
Shop now: Shop directly through Eversfield Organic’s website


Why: Popular food-service Potage originally set out to provide the good people of London with hearty and healthy homemade meals but – like so many others – adapted during the Coronovirus pandemic. Now the company delivers essential items alongside all their most popular ready meals. Pantry produce includes seasonal fruit and veg boxes, fresh eggs, pasta, rice and bread. Freezer meals offer hearty comfort food fare with dishes like lasagne, chilli and chicken curry all on offer.
Where they deliver: South of England, postcodes vary
Shop now: Shop directly through the Potage website

Pipers Farm

Why: While Pipers Farm’s main stock list is the meat they rear and sell, they have also diversified to be able to deliver store cupboard stapes to their customer base. Along with rare-breed meat, free range chicken and natural sausages you can take your pick of items from the cellar, dairy and pantry sections. One of our favourite offerings from Pipers Farm is their ‘weird bits’ (their words, not ours) which see all kinds of fats and trimmings for sale. Think goose fat for roasties and lardo for adding a rich depth to ragus.
Where they deliver: Nationwide
Shop now: Order directly through Pipers Farm’s website

Organic Delivery Company

Why: The Organic Delivery Company allows you to order a regular shop without any plastic packaging, which means plenty of fresh UK-grown portions of your five-a-day along with a guilt-free conscience. Bundle options include things like salad, fruit, mixed or juicing boxes which contain a selection of fresh goodies for you to munch your way through. On top of the set subscriptions you can add plenty of store cupboard stapes and household items allowing you to place your full grocery delivery order in one place.
Where they deliver: Nationwide
Shop now: Shop directly through Organic Delivery Company’s website

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