Best rosé wine 2024: Enjoy rosé all day with our top picks

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Best rosé wine 2024: Enjoy rosé all day with our top picks

There was a time when rosé was a simple and harmless glugger, a bit of summer fun to be sipped and enjoyed, but not to be taken too seriously. Not any more. Rosé has become deeply fashionable and big business, particularly pale pink Provence rosés whose status and desirability have reached dizzying heights. While Chateaux d’Esclans ‘Garrus’, a blend of Grenache and Vermentino, with a texture as smooth as silk and a finish that goes on and on, will set you back £60 a bottle, most Provence rosé is not simply the domain of the mega-yacht community. It is, indeed, an affordable way of injecting a bit of glamour into an everyday occasion, and for that alone we love it!


As a summer drink, rosé has a unique place in the wine pantheon, but it also works surprisingly well all year round, particularly as a versatile food pairing. It’s perfect not just with summer salads or strongly flavoured dressings but is superb with spice, and simple grilled meats and vegetables.

Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Mourvèdre will be the most common grapes used in Provence rosé, but as you widen the geographical remit you will find all manner of other grapes being used – from Zinfandel to Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo and Cabernet Sauvignon to Black Muscat as well as a raft of other outliers. But for our guide here, we will cover both Provence rosé and the names that we would expect you to come across both in restaurants and the best supermarket shelves. We hope our notes help you decide which wine has your name on it.


Pasqua '11 Minutes' Rosé 2020/21

Best rosé wine pasqua 11 minutes rose Veneto

What: The name comes from the length of time the juice is left on the grape skins, which apparently is the perfect amount of time to give this elegant Italian bottle its gentle rose pink hue. It’s great alongside typical Mediterranean summer cooking, combining Corvina, Trebbiano, Syrah and Carmenere to produce classic, red fruit flavours.
How much: £16
Buy now: Majestic

Mirabeau Nude Pink Provence Rosé 2021

best rose wines uk mirabeau nude pink

What: Maison Mirabeau’s first certified organic and vegan wine, Nude Pink Rosé both looks and tastes delightful. This wine is bottled in 100% recycled wild flint glass, stoppered with local cork and finished with a paper collar instead of a tin capsule. Beautifully pale in colour, Nude Pink radiates subtle peach notes with concentrated aromas of redcurrent, wild strawberries and yellow cherries. A touch of mineral freshness rounds out the palate, complementing the layers of red fruit. This one pairs well with grilled seafood or juicy white meats. New B Corp certifiaction status add reassurance.
How much: £22
Buy now: Maison Mirabeau

Chapel Down English Rosé

best rose wine uk chapel down

What: An English rosé from the quaint Kent wine makers at Chapel Down, this 2018 vintage is bursting with notes of English summer, including strawberry and redcurrants, with just a hint of citrus to add a refreshing finish to the palate. If you’re looking for a home-grown rosé then this would be a perfect choice.
How much: £14
Buy now:
 Waitrose Cellar

Clos du Temple Organic Rose 2020

Best rosé wine clos de temple

What: Gerard Bertrand’s acclaimed estate in the rolling hills of the Haut Cabrieres produces the best rose in the world according to a number of respected experts. The devil is in the detail - there are classic raspberry and apricot notes, but also a tang of white pepper, cedar spice, and an aroma of roses. If money is no object, this is the bottle for you.
How much: £165
Buy now: Laithwaites

The Pale, Rosé by Sacha Lichine

Best rosé wine the pale by sache lichine

What: A less expensive offering from the makers of the classic Whispering Angel, The Pale embraces everything you want a rosé to be - aromatic, elegant and with a fun and quirky bottle design. This dry rosé is 'inspired and influenced by the fresh sea air of the French Riviera'.
How much: £14
Buy now:
Waitrose Cellar

Minuty, M de Minuty, Rosé 2021, Côtes de Provence

best rose wines uk m by minuty

What: One of only 18 châteaux to be given Cru Classé status, this is blue-riband Provence with its beautiful pale pink colour, soft herbal perfume and precise granite minerality. Minimal skin contact helps create a wine that is fresh textured, with nectarine and grapefruit sharpness, while its steely acidity and creamy complexity helps to make it a great match with BBQ prawns or a salad Niçoise.
How much: £15
Buy now:

AIX Rosé 2021 Coteaux d'Aix en Provence, Magnum

Best rosé wine aix rose 2021

What: Make a statement with a magnum or two of this benchmark Provencal rosé, that sells well out of many a classy restaurant on the south coast. Its light salmon pink colour, soft fruity palate and clean dry finish ticks all the boxes. We particularly like its herbaceous, thyme-inflected nuances which complement the raspberry fruit and zingy freshness. The high degree of Grenache and the riper Cinsault in the 2021 blend means a bit more up-front fruit in the latest vintage.
How much: £33
Buy now:

Mirabeau Pure Rosé 2021, Provence

best rose wines uk mirabeau pure rose

What: A restrained nose of red berry fruit underpins this bright, fresh, softer style of Provence rosé. You'll find touches of strawberries and ripe cherry notes balanced by attractive minerality and fresh acidity. Finesse and freshness on the finish.
How much: £16
Buy now:

Cramele Recas Vara Rose

Best rosé wine cramele recas vara

What: A good helping of merlot grapes gives this smooth rose an extra bit of savoury fruit and cherry character, but it’s still zingy and fresh with plenty of acidity to stand up to most foods. There’s a little Feteascã Neagrã too - a Romanian grape variety - adding a delicious saline note.
How much: £7.25 (£43.50 per case)
Buy now: Marks & Spencer

La Belle Angèle Rosé 2020/21

Best rosé wine la belle angele

What: Sunny, Provence-style rose with plenty of raspberry, strawberry and stone fruit. It also has a rather lovely label if we do say so ourselves, and the price point is excellent for an easy drinking rose of this quality.
How much: £9
Buy now: Majestic

Domaine Michel Girard Sancerre Rose 2020

Best rosé wine domaine michel gerard sancerre

What: An extremely drinkable rose from award-winning winemaker Michel Girard. Heaps of strawberry and red fruit makes this very approachable, but the refreshing flinty minerality is a signature of Domaine Michel Girard.
How much: £20
Buy now: Virgin Wines

Kylie Minogue Rosé

Best rosé wine kylie minogue rose

What: A rosé from the World’s very own pop princess could easily be viewed as a gimmick, but Kylie Minogue’s signature rosé has received rave reviews. Crisp summer notes, red berries and a hint of blossom give this rosé a floral edge that makes it perfect for summer.
How much: £9
Buy now:

Love by Léoube Rosé 2020, Provence

Best rosé wine love by leoube

What: This elegant, dry, biodynamic rosé is made by the Bamford family, whose rosé wines have rapidly become gold-standard territory, sold by discerning restaurateurs the world over. Bang next door to Domaine Ott, the vineyards run down to the sea, which helps inflect the wine with a salty edge that perfectly complements the crunchy red berries on the palate. Fresh as a spring day, with a nice tight structure, this newer ‘second’ wine shows strong maritime influences.
How much: £16
Buy now:
 Virgin Wines

Arthur Metz Pinot Gris Roseal

Best rosé wine arthur metz pinot gris roseal

What: If you prefer your wine on the sweet side then this Pinot Gris with notes of honey will be beautifully matched to your taste. Sweet English fruits come through the aroma, cut with a touch of dryness that stops this rosé feeling too sickly sweet.
How much: £16
Buy now: Click N Drink

Miraval 2020/21, Côtes de Provence

Best rosé wine miraval

What: This estate has never looked back since being purchased by Hollywood a-listers Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. But it’s certainly not all about hype. The wine is made by the Perrin family who are Rhone royalty in this neck of the woods. Subtle wild strawberries and sweet, fresh herbs on the nose, redcurrants and citrus fruit on the palate, harnessed by a nice, saline backbone. This is a long and classy serve, to match its delightful light pink colour.
How much: £22
Buy now:

Chateau d'Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé 2021, Provence

Best rosé wine whispering angel

What: This benchmark Côtes de Provence rosé, adored by fashionable restaurants and bars around the world, boasts a rose-petalled hue, that’s barely been touched by mascerating skins, and a subtle hibiscus-scented nose. Mineral and textured, this wine is anchored by a bone-dry and bright citrus fruit palate. Light-bodied it boasts wonderfully refreshing acidity.
How much: £24
Buy now:

Château Minuty 281

Best rosé wine chateau minuty 281

What: For something special, our go-to in this list is the Château Minuty 281. Don’t be fooled by the translucent hue, this is a light but complex rosé with white fruit aromas and iodine notes that give a distinctive yet delicate taste. A unique and very old clone of Grenache is the key, producing a wine that has good fruit, terrific intensity and sustained length. Our most expensive rosé on the list but definitely worth splashing out on for a special occasion.
How much: £56
Buy now:
North & South Wines

Fortnum’s Côtes de Provence Rosé 2021, by Ott

best rose wines uk fortnum and mason provence rose

What: Created by By Ott, Fortnum's Côtes de Provence Rosé 2021 is a delicate blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah. On the palate you will discover notes of summer berries with a cut of acidity and light, with a hint of tannins. The pretty bottle and Fortnum's name make this an ideal choice as a special gift.
How much: £20
Buy now:
Fortnum & Mason

Harrods Provence Rosé 2021

Best rosé wine harrods provence rose

What: Add some luxury to your wine of choice with the Harrods Provence Rosé - made with a choice of grapes grown in the Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence region. This delicate rose has a pale pink shade and a light, crisp and dry taste that is a perfect crowd pleaser.
How much: £18
Buy now:

Nice Pale Rosé

Best rosé wine Nice Pale Rose

What: Searching for a rosé that is fun, palatable and not too taxing on the wallet? Nice Pale rose is a canned wine that is perfectly portable and ideal for picnics in the sun. A light and dry rose with a crisp finish, and it certainly won’t blow your budget.
How much: £2.65 per can
Buy now:

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