The Hatch

33 Parkgate Road, Battersea , London, SW11 4NP

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Chefs Jun Tanaka & Mark Jankel set up the Street Kitchen initiative to provide seasonal lunchtime food to ‘eat & go’. Following the success of the Airstream on Finsbury Avenue Square, the duo have launched The Hatch – a service kiosk set against the backdrop of the Testbed1 experimental arts/events space in Battersea. The menu is a moveable daily feast, but expect ‘boxes’ containing the likes of braised beefs with celeriac purée, mustard dressing & herb breadcrumbs or grilled fillet of hot-smoked salmon with marinated beets, purple sprouting broccoli & rosemary-crushed potatoes followed yoghurt or caramel mousse with poached apples & pears. Aspiring artists & others can also take advantage of the nearby Doodle Bar, where creative scrawling & sipping go hand in hand.

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33 Parkgate Road, Battersea , London SW11 4NP

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06 July 2012

Apologies, this is really more about Doodle Bar and the amazing space which is 33 Parkgate Road. The Hatch is a van outside the Doodle Bar but still under cover of the unit and you're welcome to bring food from there into the bar. I assume it's a collaboration of sorts or all part of some friendly, communal, semi-communist set up. Despite it being arty farty fantastic here, appearances are not entirely deceptive. If Doodle Bar looks industrial, that's because it is, being part of an old dairy warehouse, rather than a new build made to look scruffy. If everyone looks like an art student or architect, that's because they probably are, what with Royal College of Art and Norman Foster round the corner, rather than PR luvvies dressing down. Doodle Bar could be in Shoreditch or Bethnal Green and for once I mean that in the nicest possible way. I love love love it. Ragtime jazz is playing softly in the background. The dog is welcomed with treats and water. There's a weird wooden installation in the carpark/dining area (it's all very confusing and no-one's quite sure what counts as inside or outside). My friend had a good looking fish salad thing from The Hatch. I had a piece of picnic pie from the pop up stall Pocket Bakery in the Doodle Bar. Yes, it's so cool here they have pop up food and The Hatch is actually part of “Street Kitchen” (which apparently also has a spot in Covent Garden) so it's bang on trend with the current streetfood thing. The barman recommended the Friday night burgers from The Hatch and this would be a great place to try roving cuisine: I can imagine the evenings in the bar humming and British weather being what it is being undercover is a bonus. Actually, I'm not apologetic about this review at all because it's all awesome here. In your face North London.