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12 Jerusalem Passage , London, EC1V 4JP

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Sushi Tetsu London Japanese restaurant

SquareMeal Review of Sushi Tetsu

gold award


SquareMeal London Hot 100 2018A quick glance at the website is essential before a visit to the tiny Sushi Tetsu as the chances are it may be may be fully booked. Still, once you’ve secured a perch and made it through the door, you’ll see a handful of punters, with chef/proprietor Toru Takahashi on the other side of the counter, calmly preparing the sushi and sashimi with near forensic precision. This is a husband-and-wife outfit, with spouse Harumi completing the perfect circle that is Sushi Tetsu. Since you’ve gone to all the trouble of bagging a seat, you might consider going for the bespoke ‘omakase’ menu at 96 quid a pop: what you get depends on what the chef decides is good enough, so glistening sea urchin, turbot, snow crab, black bream, octopus and (hopefully) seared otoro fatty tuna might be on the cards, all embellished with the necessary accoutrements (wasabi, soy, mirin, seaweed and chilli). From the rice to the saké, everything is impeccable.    

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12 Jerusalem Passage , London EC1V 4JP

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Tues-Wed 11.45-2pm Tues-Fri 5.30-10pm Sat 5-9.30pm

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Food & Drink: 9.0


Service: 9.0


Atmosphere: 9.0


Value: 9.0


Food + drink: 4

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 4

Value: 4

29 August 2012

I am so suprised that there is no review of Sushi Tetsu! I visited with my boyfriend about a month ago and I have to say I was very impressed. It is run by the Chef and his wife (I think he worked for many years at Nobu before opening his own restaurant) and as a result you get a very personal experience. The space itself is very small and there are only about 7 seats at the sushi bar, but the whole effect is very airy and well appointed. The food- well just great. You can order selections of sushi and sashimi or order your own in any way you like. It is also nice to pick a fish and leave the choice up to the chef, he is very creative and I noticed that he serves the sushi in different ways and sometimes he seems to make up his mind as he goes along. Everything was delicious. The service was charming, all done by his wife Harrumi. Nothing was too much trouble. Book a lunch, book dinner, but take your time as this is a dining experience to be savoured and not rushed. Fantastic.

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