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7 Denmark Street , London, WC2H 8LZ

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  • Smoking goat thai restaurant London covent garden
  • Smoking goat thai restaurant covent garden london

SquareMeal Review of Smoking Goat Covent Garden

Squaremeal London Hot 100 2016Denmark Street used to be London's Tin Pan Alley. Today it's still a hipster hotspot, but all the young dudes are queueing for Thai barbecue. There's some seriously smart cooking going on behind the doors of this dark dive bar, but be warned: Smoking Goat only takes bookings at lunchtime or for big groups. Packed with authentic flavours, the creative menu changes regularly, but look out for the smoked lamb ribs glazed with gapi (a rich and salty shrimp paste) and served with zesty pickles, as well as the goat shoulder for two – tender, smoky flesh permeated with fragrant herbs. Permanent fixtures include the addictive fish sauce wings and a “wonderful variety of spicy Thai sides”, including a textbook som tam (green papaya salad), while craft beers and wines are thoughtfully chosen to match the spicy food. “Smoking hot!” trumpets one fan.

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Food & Drink: 9.5

Service: 7.3

Atmosphere: 9.5

Value: 8.0

Food & Drink: 5.0

Service: 3.0

Atmosphere: 4.0

Value: 4.0

Gourmand Gunno platinum reviewer 24 March 2017

Tucked down a side street in Soho best known for its guitar shops, Smoking Goat is paving the way for a new era of Thai cuisine. This is about as far removed from curry in a coconut milk sauce or a plate of stir-fried rice noodles as you can imagine. Instead, Smoking Goat is all about a profound explosion of flavours, mostly based around smoke, spice and soy. As with the trend elsewhere in London, the dishes here are intended for sharing. Since we were a group of six, we were privileged enough to order almost everything off the short menu, thus sampling the full extent of the kitchen’s culinary dexterity. The menu apparently changes with some regularity, but on this occasion, we enjoyed almost every mainstream meat imaginable – beef, lamb, pork, chicken and, of course, the eponymous goat – as well as scallops and a whole mackerel. The latter was one of their two specials of the day (the other being an excellent dish of pork liver), which complemented a list of five starters and five mains, priced respectively at around £6 and £15 on average. We did not encounter a single duff offering and from the initial plate of scallops through to the piece-de-resistance smoked goat shoulder, standards were high. Of the starters, the pork laab (minced pork) salad – a typical street dish in northern Thailand – was stand-out, while among the mains, the Chiang Mai-style pork belly also hit all the right notes. My only quibble would be that all the dishes came in a rush and were brought to the table as soon as ready with no sense of ceremony. Our meal was over almost too quickly, with no time to luxuriate over the dishes – even if the flavours did linger for long after. Such haste may have been understandable had the restaurant been keen to turn the tables, but we were not rushed at all when it came to enjoying more drinks at the end of our meal. That said, diners be aware: bookings here are only possible in the evenings in groups of six or more. It is certainly well worth it, so plan ahead now. Failing that, wait for a seat at the bar or a table in the front section of the restaurant and take in the buzzing atmosphere. The Thai barbecue revolution has begun.

Food & Drink: 5.0

Service: 4.0

Atmosphere: 5.0

Value: 5.0

Harry F. 08 March 2016

I had a whole hour for a lunch and while passing the endless racks of Yamaha guitars and drum kits on Denmark Street I came across the Smoking Goat - I darted in without hesitation. I was quickly seated at the bar and had a look at the menus, which consisted of their signature goat shoulder, beef short rib and a wonderful variety of Thai spicy sides. I didn't have long to eat, so the wait to be served seemed slightly longer than usual. It was the lunch rush hour and for that reason I could easily understand why it was so busy! I ordered the barbecued five spice pork belly which lay on a thin bed of Nam Prik Som, which also came with a small side cucumber salad and a bag of sticky rice. The first crunch of the crackling was an experience, and as the five other spices raced around my mouth I became very quiet as did the rest of the diners around me, who seemed to be enjoying the same impact. It was delicious. I was very impressed as each mouthful (with a generous dollop of Nam Prik Som) made everything else around me stop. I count myself lucky that I was able to get a seat but if you are happy to hang around and wait pretending you are a musician looking at guitars then it’s worth it.

Food & Drink: 4.0

Service: 4.0

Atmosphere: 5.0

Value: 3.0

yolanda c. 27 June 2015

Started as we meant to go on with a gin, basil and champagne cocktail. We had all the starters. I mean, why wouldn't we? I'm not normally a fan of chicken wings, all fat, gristle and bone, but she wanted them so I thought great, all that aubergine ismineallmine. That didn't happen. These must have been some super-sized flying chickens as they had pumped up wings filled with juicy meat. I had one, she had two, which meant I gave her half the aubergine. 2 whole, skinless, roasted, smokey aubergines topped with a poached egg. Slippery, but try to imagine it in a good way, if that's possible. We loved the pomelo grapefruit THAT much that we ordered 2 (and I've recreated it again at home, check out my TheSpiralProject on Instagram for the recipe). Spicy and cool all at the same time. For more reviews see

Food & Drink: 5.0

Service: 3.0

Atmosphere: 5.0

Value: 4.0

Mark R. 10 March 2015

A colleague and I went to try out the Smoking Goat. It turned into a great adventure. Firstly the place is hidden away on Denmark Street between the guitar shops. You enter this dimly lit bar but are immediately taken by the cosy and lively atmosphere. Your first reaction is “where is the restaurant?” But then you notice people are eating at some tables and at the bar. The staff are very welcoming so we took a place at the bar to have a drink and waited for a space. They stock good craft beers and have a nice wine list. We then got seated at the bar and ordered our food. We had scallops (fresh with wonderful Asian type sauce), chicken wings (good big wings with delicious sweet sauce), barbecued lamb (succulent & great sauce) and barbecued duck (crispy on the outside & perfectly cooked on the inside). Now with the exception of a fish dish this is the entire menu! We also had an Asian type salad which went very well with the hot barbecue sauces. Now everything arrives but there is nice casual randomness to it all. Have a "chilled out" mood on when you go. This is real a “fingering licking” night out with wonderful food and great atmosphere in this small dimly lit bar. Probably not the place to go on the first date but definitely the place to try something different! I’ll be back.


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